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Your business means everything to you, so you need a designer who’ll do more  than a gig for quick cash. You need clarity about your brand, and confidence using your website to book clients. My process is all about empowerment.

Hi, I’m Taughnee (sounds like “Tawny”). I don’t pull punches and I don’t peddle promises. Just smart, strategic, supportive guidance and fabulous, uniquely-you visual branding and web design.

“Taughnee made the design process fun!”
— Julie Szabo, Partner, Capulet Communications

“Design doesn’t come in a better package.”
— Alia McKee, Principal, Sea Change Strategies

“Her process is respectful and inspiring…”
— Mia Oxley, Conflict Consultant


Many people confuse decoration with design. One of them causes short-term delight followed by long-term disappointment: “It’s gorgeous! … Why isn’t anyone booking my services?”

The other improves your business through strategy, resulting in higher conversions when executed well.


If you want to stand out in a sea of sameness, forget about trendy fonts and copying what everyone else is doing… “me-too” brands just get lost in the noise.

We start by getting to the heart and soul of what makes you you.

When design follows clarity, it gets noticed and remembered by the people who matter. 


Ever worry there’s so much to learn you’ll never catch up? 


You’ll get the answers to questions you may feel a little silly asking right now, and patient, supportive guidance to launch your business with confidence.

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Web Design

Web strategy, design, and empowerment.

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Identity & Branding

Hand-crafted logo design and brand identity systems.

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Digital Design

Strengthening your brand through consistency.

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