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Hi, I'm
Taughnee Stone

Designer / Strategist / Digital Nomad Wannabee


I find that when I care about people very deeply — about their success and even happiness — my work rewards me in immeasurable ways. So my first rule is: work with only good people, and work hard for them.

I am an award-winning designer, working primarily with academics, non-profits, authors and small businesses. I built my first website in the late 1990s and founded Endeavor Creative in 2002 and have been fortunate to work with incredible people from all over the world ever since. For information about my work with authors, see LaunchTheBook.com

Services & Skills

  • Web design
  • Development strategy
  • Project management
  • WordPress
  • Logo design
  • Business cards
  • Logos
  • Document templates
  • Digital documents
  • Book jacket design
  • eBooks
  • Social media graphics


Purdue University
Class of 1993
I received a bachelor of arts, majoring in communications with minors in political science and business. Graduated with distinction and Phi Beta Kappa.

Web Design

Website Design & Development

“Even if I might always have had confidence in the outcome, I would never have guessed how enjoyable the process would be. I owe all of that to Taughnee.”

— Owen Thomas
Award-winning author of The Lion Trees

eBook Design

Digital Document Design

“Taughnee is a true professional! Her design work on the Lifeboat ebook project perfectly balances practicality and creativity. She hit every deadline and exceeded expectations while staying on budget. Plus, Taughnee made the design process fun! I truly look forward to working with her again.”

— Julie Szabo
Partner at Capulet Communications

Graphic Design

Logos & Branding

“I love working with Taughnee Stone. She’s a great listener, keen observer and a confident designer. Her process is respectful and inspiring and professional.  The logo she built for my company continues to earn attention and praise.”

–Mia Oxley


Say hello!

I’d love to talk with you about your next project! The best way to reach me is by email. The first phone consultation is free — so do get in touch!

Working From
Čazma, Croatia

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“Taughnee’s work designing my blog has been stellar. The results speak for themselves: I’m first in organic search, and I regularly receive fan mail about the design. She is the best – and the only – blog designer I recommend to others.”

–Katya Andresen
Author of Robin Hood Marketing


“I have to admit that releasing my book was a bit of a traumatic experience, full of miscommunications, misunderstandings, and a lot of things I simply didn’t understand.

The grand and welcome exception was working with Taughnee Stone. She made the whole process easy and the layout of a website comprehensible so I could manage it without pestering her every five minutes.

Despite an overfull work schedule, the end of the year holiday press, and even personal tragedies she and her partner Steve Johnson delivered their work before my deadline while other vendors were ignoring my calls and e-mails.

More than that, Taughnee made the process enjoyable. An e-mail from her was the rare moment of surety that I was going to get just what I wanted from someone professional and creatively astute.

Every step of the way I felt that she was on top of things, got what I was aiming for, and was actually eager to deliver the best results because she loved her work.

I would recommend Launch the Book to any author making their web presence in a heartbeat.”

Eben Mishkin
Author of The Hidden and The Maiden


“Taughnee has done a fantastic job redesigning my web site twice in recent years. Her designs are not only creative, but reflect my taste and personality. She has also helped me figure out the best way to showcase my work and my blog on my site and keep the look of my site fresh. She is always cheerful, deadline oriented, and patient when dealing with clients like me who don’t understand the technical side of how web sites run. I really love working with Taughnee.”

–Judy Gruen
Author of Till We Eat Again


“Working with  Taughnee Stone was one of those experiences I continue to appreciate, long after the work was completed. As a businessman, the quantity and quality of her work was affordable and topnotch. As an artist, being able to work with someone who has an eye for design and who created a reflection of me as an author was a joy. As a writer, they created a place where I can easily change, alter, and write to my heart’s content. Thank you Miss Stone!”
–Glen Klinkhart
Author of Finding Bethany


“Taughnee is the first Web developer that I’ve trusted with my persona/professional web site, and the site has been up in one form or another for over 10 years. I liked her design sensibility, appreciated her honest approach, and trusted her to think through the complex challenges of containing all of my disparate work in one site. She delivered on all counts. I absolutely love my site and am still amazed at how she nailed it.”

–Aliza Sherman
Web Pioneer
Author of Social Media Engagement for Dummies

(Design is currently offline.)


“Where do I even start explaining how fantastic my experience has been, working with Taughnee on my blog? At the design stage, Taughnee was a wonderful listener—and in fact, the design is based on a page in one of my scrapbooks. It’s such an incredibly empowering experience, as a fairly non-technical person, to be able to make my blog work—and work WELL, without headaches, frustrations, and anxiety. I can spend time on the fun stuff—the writing, photography, and recipe development, and the techie stuff hardly takes any time at all!

I can’t recommend Taughnee highly enough. Working with her has been an incredibly valuable experience, not just because of the fantastic, functional, and beautiful blog she’s created for and WITH me, but also because it’s been so darn FUN. Taughnee took my vision, my dream, and my excitement, and created a warm, wonderful online home for my creativity beyond anything I could have invented on my own. Now, I just enjoy filling my little space with stories, recipes, and photographs.”

–Alison Arians
Owner, Rise & Shine Bakery