About Endeavor Creative

Hello new friend,
I’m Taughnee!

When you work with me, isn’t about looking at pretty things and picking out the ones you like best, or copying what other people are doing so you can have a knock-off version of somebody else’s brand. 

To me, design is a business tool — more like accounting software than art. It’s purpose is to help you establish credibility, get noticed, and be remembered: it either helps you grow your business or it doesn’t. To make sure it does, we’ll follow a process that’ll help you get clear about the heart and soul of your brand. 

There’ll be plenty of hard work but I promise, it’ll be worth it. My clients describe the process as “fun” — not because I goof around a lot (well, sometimes), but because they feel prepared for their exciting next steps.

When we’re through, you’ll have more than just design deliverables. You’ll be utterly psyched about getting your business off to the best start possible.

It’s about…

I know this stuff can feel overwhelming, so I’m all about guiding you through the process and getting you the clarity and confidence you need. I’m here to answer those questions you might feel a little embarassed to ask, too.

(Secret: everybody has those). 

Helping you get to the heart of who you are and where you want to be, and creating the tools you need to get noticed, book clients, make money.

(If design isn’t solving business problems, it’s just decoration.)



Cares deeply about their business. You’re engaged, this means everything to you. You want to be a part of the process and  you want to feel less anxious about all those scary things you need to figure out in order to start flying.

Maybe you’re a little bit picky or “hard to please”? That’s great, bring it on. It only shows me how much you care. My process is collaborative, patient, and respectful. We’ll achieve amazing things together and have fun doing it.

Owns a micro-business I left big-city advertising early on in my career because it’s so much more rewarding working 1-1 with passionate entrepreneurs. If you’re a solopreneur, or a small (but mighty) consultancy, you’re right in my lane.


Wants to put good into the world.  And I don’t just mean humanitarian or altruistic goals (although I’m always on board with that!), it means you have a passion for what you’re doing. Maybe you own a bakery and you care about the quality of ingredients that go into your bread, you’re a plumber and you’re excited about innovations that’ll help you serve customers better, or you’re a life coach who genuinely wants to help people improve the quality of their lives. I want to be a part of that. 



Taughnee is such a pro in every way! She was able to take my ideas and put them together in a way that seemed like poetry to me. 

— Cristi Adamkosky

Interior Designer

Working with Taughnee has been incredibly valuable, not just because of the fantastic, functional, and beautiful blog she’s created for and with me, but also because it’s been so darn FUN.

— Alison Arians

Owner, Rise & Shine Bakery

Taughnee delivered on all counts. I absolutely love my site and am still amazed at how she nailed it!

— Aliza Sherman

Author, Speaker, Web Pioneer

I’ve been searching for “my designer” for 16 years. She’s amazing. So very, very pleased.

— Ellen Faye

Past President, National Association of Professional Organizers


I have over 15 years of experience as a solo business owner providing website, graphic design and consulting services to amazing clients from all over the world.

I studied communications at Purdue University where I graduated with distinction and Phi Beta Kappa.


I continue my education constantly so I’m able to connect the “digital dots” for my clients. I’m currently pursuing a professional certification in conversion optimization from ConversionXL, and have certifications in social media, search, content marketing and traffic acquisition.


I check my ego at the door, it gets in the way of results. And you must too. We have to get real with one another and give and accept constructive feedback.

I empower. I’m in my zone of genius every time I have an opportunity to educate. I’ve trained dozens of  “technophobes” how to use their websites (“oh my gosh, I’m doing it!”) and helped them launch without breaking down from sheer overwhelm.

I don’t pull punches. If I ever feel you’re heading down the wrong path, I’ll tell you. If you aren’t interested in my input, I’m not the designer for you.  (See: Superpower #1)

I don’t peddle promises. I’m always looking at research and questioning trends and tactics to make sure I’m providing my clients advice they can depend on.

I’m patient and supportive. If you don’t understand something, I’ll walk you through it. That’s what I’m here for.


I was living in Anchorage, Alaska when I decided to take my side hustle designing websites and turn it into a full-time gig. Not long after in 2004, I started my first blog, and started designing for other bloggers.

I attracted an incredible clientele from all over the world — from thought leaders to popular lifestyle bloggers. I realized I was on to something — my business could be “location independent.”

So I did what any reasonable person would do — I spent a few years living half time in Paris! Because I was able to take my work with me, I was able to enjoy freedom and personal fulfillment I never could have imagined possible in my early days working at a stressful big city ad agency.



Back home in Anchorage, decided I wanted to pursue a “digital nomad” lifestyle — you know, bouncing from Asia to Europe to Polynesia — not a bad plan, right?

But just as I was making other plans for my life, I met an amazing man. As you do. Just one little problem — he lived in Croatia. A few months later I visited his beautiful country, found out he was even more incredible in person, so I moved and I married him.

Our home is in the beautiful countryside — peaceful and beautiful and surrounded by warm and generous neighbors. It wasn’t the life I expected, but it’s the life I always needed. My wanderlust happily demolished by love and simplicity.

Life is good.

Let’s DO THIS!