Book a Clarity Session

Need a website but not sure where to start? Confusion and digital overwhelm keeping you stuck?

Here’s your chance to pick my brain, get unstuck, and leap (rather than inch) forward.

You’re faced with so much information and choice about how to launch your website it’s absolutely dizzying. Blog posts, training courses, looking through web designer portfolios… (Why is this one $500 and this one $5k? They look pretty much the same!)

Maybe you just need a virtual assistant! (What does a virtual assistant do exactly, do they do that?)

Or perhaps you’ve decided to DIY and learn how to set up your own website or blog, but you have a million questions about how to get started.

Asking what other people have done is not the same as asking a professional who understands all the available choices, and which solutions are right for which purpose. Or the myriad of details that are better to understand from the get-go rather than “learning the hard way.” 

You could get lost for hours, and days, and weeks, and months trying to sort it all out. And you might even let all of that noise hold you back, too.

Getting stuck in choice overload is a great excuse for putting off the scary things:

  • Putting yourself out there — visible and vulnerable,
  • Finally taking your business ideas and making it into an actual business,
  • Creating a future for yourself that looks much different than where you are today.

If you’re ready to leap, just leap. If you need a gentle nudge, here’s how I can help you:

  • I’ll point you in the right direction;
  • Tell you exactly what you need to do next;
  • Give you some instructions on how to go about flying.

I have 15+ years of experience guiding business owners from their initial ideas to launch. I know how the online marketing puzzle fits together from a consumer behavior as well as technological perspective. From big picture strategy to teeny-tiny tactical tweaks.

Pick my brain. Tell me your stuck points and I’ll provide you with clear, actionable next steps.

In this two-hour session conducted via email, here are some ways I can help you:

  • Avoid major common pitfalls people make when planning their website and online marketing program;
  • Make the best decisions for your project based on your current financial circumstances;
  • Save you money and time by recommending solutions suited to your unique needs, goals, and available resources;
  • Overcome frustration and overwhelm caused by too many questions and choices that are just keeping you stuck;
  • If you’ve completed my Ultimate Website Planning Workbook using my planning guides, I can show you how to turn it into a strategy and roadmap for your website and reaching your dream customers online.



I had so many questions about where to start getting my website launched, and in just one clarity session, Taughnee pointed me in the right direction and saved me dozens of hours of banging my head against the desk. I was able spend my time focusing on the things that matter rather than all the things causing me endless frustration. Not only did she give me a road map exactly what I needed to do, she walked me through exactly how to do things I had specific questions about. Well worth the investment, and believe me, I’ll be back if I ever feel my wheels spinning again. Thank you, Taughnee!

Dubravko Dulan

Creative Director, 7:30

Money back guarantee

If at the end of your session, you don’t feel you’ve received more than your money’s worth, that will make me sad, but we’ll part as pals with no icky feelings. If you are not completely satisfied, let me know and I’ll happily issue a refund.


How does a “session” work by email? Can't we just do a phone call?

There are a few reasons why I prefer email when consulting with clients:

  1. I am not a “think while I talk” person; when I am writing I’m able to be more thoughtful in my responses (you’ll get more valuable insights);
  2. There’s no need to take notes after a phone session, everything is logged in written form and can be presented back to you in an organized, actionable document;
  3. Rather than knock it out in one session, we can have an exchange — if research is necessary to answer a question, I can do that and provide better quality solutions;

I keep a timer on when I’m researching and responding to your questions and I can make my timesheet available to you if you request that;

I will let you know when we’re nearing the 2-hour mark. At that time I’ll compile key takeaways from our discussion and any further recommendations into a .pdf you can keep on file. 

If you are a “think while you talk” person and this won’t work for you, we can do a Google Hangouts or Skype session, no probs. 😉

What if I need more help after 2 hours?

If you’re making good progress and want to keep going, I won’t just leave you hangin’! I have both retainer consulting packages as well as more structured “done-for-you” services for you to choose from at that time. 

Can I use the clarity session for tech training?
Absolutely. If it’s technology that’s got you stuck, and if it’s something that falls within my skillset, I provide personalized screen capture trainings and will walk you through exactly what you need to do to get “unstuck.” I do this for clients all the time, and the great thing about it is it’s customized for YOU and your specific issue, and you’ll have a video to keep on file whenever you need a refresher.

What if I already have a website but I'm not happy with it?

A website audit might be the better solution for you. With an audit, I’m better able to diagnose problems. A clarity session is better suited for people work through “stuck points” in their planning and strategy.

If you’re unsure which service is right for you, email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to help you decide!

What if I already have a website but am confused about how to reach my customers?

You might need a website audit to diagnose problems that may be preventing your site visitors from becoming customers.

That said, a clarity session is GREAT if you have questions about:

— How you should be using social media
— Whether you should implement a paid traffic strategy
— Starting a blog/content marketing program
— How to get found in search

Let me say up front that I’m not a digital person. Anything that requires me to use social media or the web makes me feel anxious because I KNOW it’s going to frustrate me. When I decided to launch my new business with an online store, I worked with Taughnee to get answers to all my questions: What technology should I use to set up my store? Do I need to worry about creating a full-blown custom website or is there a way for me to just get started simply and cheaply and test the market? What social media channels should I focus on to reach my customers?

Taughnee not only helped me launch my business in time for the holiday season, she ‘streamlined’ the learning process so I could just focus on the things I needed to know, and gave me answers to my specific questions. She even talked me out of spending money that wasn’t necessary at this stage. Now that I know more about what’s involved in running an online business, I’m glad I spared that budget because I’ll need it to take things to the next level in the coming year.

Had I not done clarity sessions with Taughnee, launching my site would have either been delayed or fraught with frustration and expense. I highly recommend picking Taughnee’s brain!

Laura Gannarelli

Owner, Pop of Paper