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Stuck trying to get things off the ground? Frustrations and unanswered questions holding you back?

A clarity session is your chance to pick my brain, get the answers you need to get unstuck, and leap —rather than inch — forward.

You’re faced with so much information and choice about how to brand and launch your business online it’s absolutely dizzying. You could get lost for weeks and months trying to sort it all out. And you might even let all of that overwhelm hold you back, too.

When you own your own business, getting the answers you need is hard because you’re too close to it. You don’t need yet another “questionnnaire,” you need someone who can help you frame your thinking so you can get answers.

The goal of the clarity session is to get out of “overthinking” and “reseach” mode so you can get out there and start doing it. 

For over 15 years I’ve been helping business owners from all over the world create brands that stand out and websites that win clients. I can help you get past your stuck points and get you moving forward too.


Fill out the form below to schedule your session. Then, we’ll set up a time to chat face-to-face via Zoom, grab a cup of coffee, and get you some clarity. 

Empowered Brand Clarity Session: 60 minutes: $197
(The Empowered Brand Workbook + Empowered Brand Playbook Template Included – $300 value)

Empowered Website Clarity Session: 60 minutes $197
(The Empowered Website Planning Workbook + Empowered Startup Toolkit eBook Included – $300 value) 


✔ The Empowered Brand Workbook This is the tool I use with my Empowered Brand clients — it’s more than just pages and pages of “who is your target customer?” and “what makes you a special unicorn?” It’s packed with the reasons why and exercises that are not only do-able, but fun. They’ll get you clear about your brand direction. 

✔ Answers to your specific questions Where are you stuck? That’s what we really need to sort out. Is it your customer? Is it your brand personality? Is it your unique value proposition? Is it your positioning? We’ll focus in on the specific areas you’re struggling with so you can stop overthinking and start doing

✔ The Empowered Brand Playbook Template This is something I do for my clients as part of the Empowered Brand service, but I’ll share the template I use to create a brand playbook so you can create your own. 


✔ The Empowered Website Workbook This is the tool I use with my Empowered Website clients — not only will you know which technologies you need to be using according to your specific needs, it’ll help you plan your content so it attracts and converts clients. 

✔ Answers to your specific questions Where are you stuck? For a lot of people, it’s the “tech” (“What tools do I need to be using?”) and the marketing (“How do I reach clients?”) While we won’t be able to do a deep-dive tech training or create a full-blown marketing plan, I can help you eliminate hours of research and head-scratching and point you in the right direction. The “how” is easier when you get out of “research mode” and know exactly what you need to focus on. 

By the way, if you ever feel like everyone else is living on some other planet and you don’t know how you’ll ever catch up … trust me, you’re not alone. A lot of entrepreneurs are even embarrassed to ask certain questions because they feel like they should “know what all this online marketing stuff means.”

Well that’s just silly — you’re not born a digital marketer, you’re busy doing what you do to make a living! Not only will I be delighted to answer those questions for you, we’ll talk in “real-person” language so you feel confident in taking the next steps. 

I live and breathe this stuff in my own business and I know it’s hard. I help clients too, so I know all the pitfalls and I’ve figured out a heck of a lot of short-cuts, I am a master at avoiding “noise for noise’s sake” and “doing just for doing’s sake” traps. 


Let’s do this!

“She even talked me out of spending money that wasn’t necessary at this stage.”

“Let me say up front that I’m not a digital person. Anything that requires me to use social media or the web makes me feel anxious because I KNOW it’s going to frustrate me. When I decided to launch my new business with an online store, I worked with Taughnee to get answers to all my questions: What technology should I use to set up my store? Do I need to worry about creating a full-blown custom website or is there a way for me to just get started simply and cheaply and test the market? What social media channels should I focus on to reach my customers?

Taughnee not only helped me launch my business in time for the holiday season, she ‘streamlined’ the learning process by giving me answers to specific questions so I could just focus on the things I needed to know. She even talked me out of spending money that wasn’t necessary at this stage. Now that I know more about what’s involved in running an online business, I’m glad I spared that budget because I’ll need it to take things to the next level in the coming year.

Had I not done clarity sessions with Taughnee, launching my site would have either been delayed or fraught with frustration and expense. I highly recommend picking Taughnee’s brain!”

Laura Gannarelli

Designer and Owner, Pop of Paper

“Taughnee saved me dozens of hours of banging my head against the desk…”

“I had so many questions about where to start getting my website launched, and in just one clarity session, Taughnee pointed me in the right direction and saved me dozens of hours of banging my head against the desk. I was able spend my time focusing on the things that matter rather than all the things causing me endless frustration. Not only did she give me a road map of exactly what I needed to do, she walked me through exactly how to do things I had specific questions about. Well worth the investment, and believe me, I’ll be back if I ever feel my wheels spinning again. Thank you, Taughnee!”

Dubravko Dulan

Creative Director, 7:30

Psssst, fellow designers... I see you there. Click this.

If you’re a designer and you’re here just checking me out, don’t worry I get it, I do the same thing!

But guess what, you’re super welcome here!

Yes, I work with other designers on this stuff too (as you can see from the above testimonials). For over 10 years I’ve made it a priority to mentor other designers as an active member of various online communities, and I’m not at all afraid to “empower the competition” — we all have our own super powers and position in the market, and there are plenty of clients for all of us.

It’s hard taking our own medicine. And when you’re running your own businesses, you’re busy taking care of clients, not taking the time to sit down and get clear about your own business.

Sometimes designers have questions about things they think they should already know and are too embarrassed to ask. You’re an expert at what you do, but that doesn’t mean you’re an expert at everything.  (I’m not either, but my experience and education extends beyond design… I’m good at putting the big picture puzzle pieces together. You’re probably better than I am at illustration, or hand lettering, or some other skill I only wish I had.)

Lots of “fear” stuff gets in our way too (getting narrow, charging what we’re worth, narrowing down our services, etc.). Sound familiar?

What if, rather than “trial and error”, or playing it safe, or doing the same-ol’-same-ol’ and getting the same results, you had someone in a unique position to help (someone who understands the business) to talk about where you’re stuck and help you figure out how to affect the change you want in your business?

Book a clarity session with me, we’ll have a jolly-good time.


You ready for this?
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If you’re not familiar with my whole life story, I’m an American expat currently living in beautiful Croatia. That means I’m in the GMT+2 time zone. My office hours are M-F from 7am-5pm. 

If you’re in Europe, or Australia, it’s pretty easy-peasy. Most of my clients are American though, which means meetings normally happen in your morning or early-day time slots. If this is a huge challenge for you to work around, just let me know in the tiny box to the right — I can also be available on the weekend with advance notice. 

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