Hand-crafted Identity Design 

Your logo is not your brand, and don’t let any designer tell you otherwise.

But when done well, identity design will help you differentiate; it can make the difference between being remembered and being lost in the cacophony of sameness. 

Work with me, and we’ll dive deep into who you are and who you want to be. Then, I’ll create a logo that perfectly suits you and stand out amongst the clip-art and clichés.


“Her process is respectful and inspiring and professional.”

“I love working with Taughnee. She’s a great listener, keen observer and a confident designer. Her process is respectful and inspiring and professional. The logo she built for my company continues to earn attention and praise.”

Mia Oxley

Mediator, Conflict Specialist

The Do-Gooders

I love working with non-profits who are putting good things into the world. Knowing that I’m playing some small role in making the world a better place gives me boundless inspiration. 

Glimpse inside my creative process
Empowering Communities Globally wanted a more innovative solution, but with an organization name and tagline as long as this, it was a challenge to create a something that was both creative as well as easy to read. The balloon-earth was the perfect vehicle; it allowed me to wrap the organizational mission around it, and to connect the mark meaningfully with the text. Everything was hand-drawn to give it a unique, custom feel to it. The overall message is one of “lifting up” and empowerment while also communicating its global mission — without taking the more obvious, literal approach.


The Creative Entrepreneurs

I’ve noticed that I gravitate toward clients who are entrepreneurial and creative: authors, consultants, life coaches, marketers and artists. I think it’s because I’m a creative entrepreneur too. But more than that, I’m inspired their stories, their hopes and dreams, and their passion for what they’re doing. 

“Happy beyond my wildest dreams.”

Logo and business card design for life coach

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Kat Bruno is my ideal client. She’s kind, smart, and full of enthusiasm. She empowers others to overcome life’s toughest challenges, and has an inspiring story of her own. Her tagline is “ignite your life,” which I used as inspiration. My original idea was to create a monogram mark using flames for the letter “K” (she’s also a culinary instructor). But then a bit of serendipity happened, and the mark begain to take on a bird-like shape with an abstract star, which can symbolize so many wonderful and inspiring things that relate to what she does. Sometimes that’s how it happens if you let the creative process go where it takes you. The color palette is soothing and modern, just like Kat. [Website perspective mockup courtesy of ZippyPixels.com]

“Stunning work! Happy beyond my wildest dreams. Can’t believe how lucky I am to have found since an amazing designer/ and person!”

Kathleen Bruno

Life Coach & Culinary Instructor

Logo for interior design consultant

I loved my experience with Taughnee!! She really nailed my brand with her first attempt. The hand drawn graphic was just the unique touch I was looking for. In interiors I always say “God is in the details”. She is intuitive, responsive, kind and gave me everything I thought I needed and more. I can’t wait to work with her again!!

Cristi Adamkosky

Interior Designer

The Micro Brands

The hustlers and dreamers: from the small cosmetics line to the local restaurant to the clever app developer — these are small but mighty business owners who accept nothing less than success because this is their bread and butter. I love putting my super powers to use for them.

“Taughnee’s ideas provided clarity and guidance.”

I’d love to create something lovely for you, too!