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Overwhelmed by all there is to think about and learn before you launch your new website?

The Ultimate Website Planning Workbook
+ Free Resource Library

Get all the insights you need to create a website that converts and have more fun doing it.



What’s inside:

The Ultimate Website Planning Workbook & Guides
These aren’t just your typical “web design questionnaire” questions — they’re designed to get you thinking strategically about how your website will support your larger business goals. The guides are written in human-person language to help you craft high-value answers that will benefit your business.

(I mean, how many times have your eyes glazed over when somebody’s asked you to “define your target customer”? Seriously. It’s not like that, I promise. I actually show you how to go about doing that.)

Website Optimization Tools & Resources 

Post-launch, don’t just “set it and forget it” — a website is never perfect or done. Continue to empower your website with useful tools, checklists, and resources I’ve compiled over the last 15 years helping my clients launch fabulous websites.

— Checklists I use in my web design and consulting business;
— Tools I use regularly to get better results for my clients;
— Apps that have changed my life and freed up tons of time;
— Tips/tricks/trainings (coming soon!);
— Whatever tickles my fancy and feels useful

A friend once said, “If Taughnee tells me to try something because it’ll change my life, I do, because it always does.” It’s my goal to curate those types of things for you so you’ll keep this page bookmarked and coming back. It’ll keep growing (big plans y’all), but there’s plenty of value in there now. So get inside, already!

See you there!

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