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Many people confuse decoration with design. One of them causes short-term delight followed by long-term disappointment:
“It’s gorgeous! … Why is no one booking my services?”

The other improves your business through strategy, resulting in higher conversions when executed well. 

Featured Projects

Website Design for Kids Clothing Company

From Usability Nightmare to Branded Sales Machine

Like so many businesses that attempt to patch their website together as they grow, The Rain or Shine Kids website had some major usability problems that were impacting sales. And, their design that was not in alignment with the quality of their products. 

A website audit was the first step. We identified all the problems that were affecting conversions and we created a plan to fix the users’ shopping experience.

Our approach focused on clear navigation and re-organizing product categories, and created a design that reflected their cheerful, young and modern brand.

We streamlined the technology powering the site as well, making it faster to load, and an e-commerce solution that was easier to manage for the client too.

“The Rain or Shine Kids website was in desperate need of a makeover that reflected our fun brand, and be pulled together to make us look like a serious contender in the marketplace. I was familiar with Endeavor Creative’s work and knew Taughnee was the perfect person to help us achieve these goals.. She did not disappoint! Taughnee was a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgable in the field, giving just the right guidance when needed. RoSK has sold to a company in Japan, and I credit the website design for convening the right message to the online world. When I start my next company, I will work with Endeavor Creative again!”

Heather Correa

Owner, Rain or Shine Kids

Website Design for Executive Search Firm

From slow-loading & company-centric to user-focused 

My first question when a company comes to me for a redesign is, “why?” Redesigns can be costly, so I first like to be sure whether a touch up or a massive overhaul is needed. 

While the AES website looked fine, it had massive technical performance problems. And their content was mostly business-speak that nobody enjoys reading. So we decided to re-build from the ground up. 

We started by getting clear on their unique value proposition and put that front and center. I helped them re-write their content, saying goodbye to the stodgy mumbo jumbo and replacing it with copy that shows they understand their customer’s problems and explains exactly how they’ll solve them. 

We improved the design and performance, shaving off 30+ seconds in load time! (Did you know that every second beyond 2 affects conversion rates?) 

Since we launched, AES has received much unsolicited praise for their new website, but most importantly — they’re enjoying domination in local search and increased visitor engagement on the site. 


“Endeavor Creative supports a unique market in that Taughnee has the ability to be strategic, in a way many other designers struggle. Furthermore, her ego stays in check when the client has input that may not necessarily be “best practice,” while at the same time making sure the final product is polished and professional. The video tutorials help the handoff process tremendously, and the fact that they are custom to the client site is above and beyond.”

Paula Bradison

President, Alaska Executive Search

Website design for author

From overwhelm to order + delightful branding

I’ve designed countless websites for authors over the years, but none more fun to work with than novelist and Marvel comic book writer Marjorie M. Liu.

Writing prolifically in multiple genres — from paranormal romance to urban fantasies and comic books — meant she had big challenges keeping her site updated and organized.

The first priority was to create a site structure that would keep her fans up-to-date and help them find what they’re looking for quickly. Then, we collaborated on the design itself to reflect her unique personality in a way that would inform users what they can expect in her writing, and make her proud to show it off to friends, fans, her publicity team and the media.


“I mean, really, think about it. In this business, having a presence on the internet is so important… But it was a pain finding the right designer. Didn’t matter if the person came highly recommended, or if I liked the work they had done for others—some key things those individuals did (or rather, didn’t do) made me part ways with them early in the process. They did not listen to me. They were not open to revisions. They were not invested in giving me as good a product as they had given others, or even themselves. They made little or no effort to understand me, or my books. I could add other things to that list, but you get the drift. I remained undaunted, though. Until, quite by accident, I stumbled upon Taughnee, a designer who did the exact opposite of all those things—and then went above and beyond. Way beyond. While making the process absolutely painless and a lot of fun. So that now, I am happy to report, I have a brand new website that I love. And, better yet, that suits me. So, check it out – and thank you, Taughnee!”

Marjorie M. Liu

Novelist, Comic Book Author


Together we’ll create a website that will take your customers on a journey from awareness to “this is awesome where do I sign up?”

The Process

We’ll work on answering the tough questions like: Who are your dream customers? How will you reach them? How will you get traffic to your site? How will you convert that traffic into buying customers?  

By the time we’re through, you won’t be tempted to “set it and forget it” — you’ll feel empowered to use your new website as a tool for marketing your business. 

Please contact me and I’ll email you my rates, special packages for start-ups and micro business owners, and all the juicy details. 

  • Step 1: Brand & customer clarity
  • Step 2: Content strategy & development
  • Step 3: Creating your traffic and conversion strategy 
  • Step 4: Design & Development
  • Step 5: Training & Digital Marketing Empowerment
  • Step 6: Site security and maintenance plan
  • Step 7: Launch 
  • Step 8: Measure, test, iterate 

 By the time we’re finished, you’ll feel empowered, confident in your new website, and utterly psyched about getting your business off to the best start possible.

“Taughnee took my vague desire to improve the site and did wonders, delivering something that is far cleaner, faster and better than I ever imagined. She was extremely helpful and positive throughout, even when I changed my mind about things. If you need a website, especially an author website, I can highly recommend her.”

Simon Goodson

Sci-Fi Novelist

Taughnee’s work on my blog has been stellar. the results speak for themselves: I’m first in organic search and I regularly receive fan mail about the design. She is the best — and the only — blog designer I recommend to others.

Katya Andresen, CEO

“Taughnee’s web design skills are only exceeded by her internet marketing abilities. She is creative and brand relevant in her design. With Taughnee there is no cookie-cutter approach, she takes the time to know and understand you business and creates an engaging web experience and marketing program tailored to your specific niche or industry.”

— Amy Young

Marketing Strategist, Zencloud Consulting

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