Marjorie M. Liu
Custom Design & Expression Engine Development

I mean, really, think about it. In this business, having a presence on the internet is so important… But it was a pain finding the right designer. Didn’t matter if the person came highly recommended, or if I liked the work they had done for others—some key things those individuals did (or rather, didn’t do) made me part ways with them early in the process. They did not listen to me. They were not open to revisions. They were not invested in giving me as good a product as they had given others, or even themselves. They made little or no effort to understand me, or my books. I could add other things to that list, but you get the drift. I remained undaunted, though. Until, quite by accident, I stumbled upon Taughnee Stone, a designer who did the exact opposite of all those things—and then went above and beyond. Way beyond. While making the process absolutely painless and a lot of fun. So that now, I am happy to report, I have a brand new website that I love. And, better yet, that suits me. So, check it out – and thank you, Taughnee!”

Marjorie M Liu

Novelist, Marvel Comic Book Writer