It’s more than just design… it’s

I know how much is riding on finding the right person to help launch your brand online.

It’s easy to find a find a designer to do a gig—what’s harder is to find one who’ll put strategy and empowerment first to help you:

 Throw out your napkin scribbles and get focused and clear about your brand direction.

 Guide you through a process that’ll help you solve business problems (book clients, make money).

 Gain the confidence to market your biz online even if you feel there’s so much to learn you couldn’t possibly catch up. (Poppycock!)



Clarity Sessions
Endeavor Roadmap 


Website Design
Brand Identity
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Personalized Training
CEO-Ready Reports
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The “What”


Who this is for:
You need clarity about your brand and a way to find your dream clients online but you have no clue where to start.

You’re completely overwhelmed trying to figure out how all the puzzle pieces will fit together and all the choices and decisions you need to make. You’ve spent weeks and months going down rabbit holes and that’s enough

You don’t need more “you need to be doing” advice, what you need is a roadmap

What you get:
2-Days of Intensive Planning
Roadmap delivered in 5 days


Next Opening: January 22, 2018


Who this is for: You don’t have the time or patience for the “DIY” approach.

You need someone who “gets” where your business needs to go to create all the tools you need to make it happen.

And, to show you how to use them QUICKLY. 

(Includes Endeavor Roadmap, $2,497 value) 

“With Taughnee there is no cookie-cutter approach, she takes the time to know and understand you business and creates an engaging web experience and marketing program tailored to your specific niche or industry.” — Amy Young

Marketing Strategist, Zencloud Consulting

“Absolutely stunning work! Can’t believe how well she captured my spirit and communicated what I do. Feeling incredibly grateful to find such a treasure!” Kathleen Bruno

Life Coach & Culinary Instructor

Taughnee’s work on my blog has been stellar. the results speak for themselves: I’m first in organic search and I regularly receive fan mail about the design. She is the best — and the only — blog designer I recommend to others. Katya Andresen

C.E.O. & Marketing Thought Leader

“I can’t recommend Endeavor Creative highly enough. Taughnee is a talented designer AND she is accommodating, communicative and deadline-oriented. Design doesn’t come in a better package! — Alia McKee

Principal, Sea Change Strategies

Let’s create something great together!