Web Strategy & Design

Many people confuse decoration with design. One of them causes short-term delight followed by long-term disappointment:

“It’s gorgeous! … Why is no one booking my services?”

The other improves your business through strategy, resulting in higher conversions when executed well.

I’ll guide you through the process of creating a website that will not only look fabulous, but will take your visitors on a journey from awareness to “this is awesome, where do I sign up?!”


Content planning and editing
WordPress theme development
Post-launch training, maintenance and support

Identity Design

Your logo is not your brand, and don’t let any designer tell you otherwise. 

But if you want to get noticed, to stand out amidst a sea of sameness, a logo that doesn’t look like all of your competitors can help you differentiate and be remembered.

FIrst, I get to know all about you: what you stand for, what makes you different, and who you want to become. Then, I do lots of research, brain storming and sketching.

I’ll provide you with no less than three choices, with revisions as necessary to your chosen concept until you feel it in your gut that this is it. Your customers responding to it is the most important thing, but I want you to be excited about it too!


Logo Design
Business Cards & Stationery
Branded Social Media Graphics
Brand Guidelines

Digital Design

While people know me as a web and logo designer primarily, I do all kinds of digital design too! I’ve won design awards in this category, and helped a dear client land a C.E.O. gig with a fabulous digital resume. If you want to put a “polish” on your company’s Microsoft Word documents or formal proposals, I’ve got you covered there too. Some of the work I do is confidential and doesn’t appear in my portfolio (like corporate pitch decks and internal documents), but if you have a question about whether or not I do it, just ask — I probably do!


Downloads & WhitePapers
Internal Document Master Templates
Ebook Covers
Promotional Campaign Graphics
Blog and Social Media Graphics
Pitch Decks & Powerpoint Presentations

Let me create something lovely for you, too!