Social Media Graphics

Social media branding, templates, campaigns, and training


The key to creating a memorable social media presence is using consistent, unmistakable, branded graphics.


    • Custom header avatar designs and blurbs for 5 channels
    • Blog/Social sharing graphics concepts — 3 concepts, 1 template set and style guide for chosen concept
    • Personalized video tutorial for how you’ll create graphics for your blog and social media channels
    • Premium social sharing plugin + video tutorial


Social Media Playbook 

  • Social media audit & recommendations
  • Determining which channels are right for you to focus on (or eliminate)
  • Determining how frequently you should post based on your resources and goals
  • The types of content you should create and share
  • Competition Research
  • How to create and manage a sharing schedule



Set of graphics for a one-off social media campaign for 5 channels (e.g. Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)


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