Website Audit

Discover opportunities to turn more of your site visitors into customers.

Are you considering a redesign?
Spending tons of effort to drive traffic only to wake up to the sound of crickets?
Do you suspect your website is letting you down in some big way?

Make informed decisions rather than operating on hunches with a website audit.

If your customers are not taking action — opting into your list, inquiring about your services, buying your products — the temptation can be great to just burn it all to the ground and redesign. 

But redesigns are costly, and you don’t know for sure if that will help anyway.

Sometimes all you need are a few tweaks to improve conversions. And even if you do need a redesign, you shouldn’t enter into it blindly. Having a firm grasp on why your current website is failing you is crucial, otherwise, you’ll just end up making the same mistakes. 

I’ll review your website and provide you with a report, my recommendations, and a visual sketch of your website indicating the most important changes needed.

And I’m not just talking about my personal opinions and preferences (although I have over 15 years of experience and that does play a part), I use technical and qualitative criteria based research and best practices in the areas of consumer psychology, conversion optimization, and website usability.

If you have a small-scale, non-ecommerce website, a baseline audit is perfect for you. I’ll look for major trouble spots in the areas of:

check Technical Performance
check Usability
check Conversion Optimization
check SEO
check Design

It’s not a comprehensive evaluation of any one area in particular, but designed to give you plenty to act on. The baseline will reveal which areas you might want to take a deeper dive.

Ready? Let’s do this! Click the link below to book your appointment.