Web Strategy & Design

Pretty websites that solve business problems for solo professionals and digital entrepreneurs.

Don’t just launch and cross your fingers!

Get the guidance you need to create a website that gets you noticed by your dream customers.

I’ll guide you through the process of creating a website that will take your visitors on a journey from awareness to “this is awesome, where do I sign up?!”

Here’s how:

Step 1: Clarity about how your new website will benefit your business

By the time we’re through with the planning phase, you’ll understand:

  • The types of goals that guide good decisions;
  • Who your ideal customer is and how you’ll reach them;
  • Exactly what sets you apart from the competition and how to communicate it:
  • How to take your vision and transform it into the way your customers feel about you;
  • And most of all, how to use your website to connect with the people who matter to you

Once we have clarity about your business, we’ll create a plan for how your new website will help you book more clients, sell your product, or just present yourself as legit so your customer can vet your business and be like, “Wow, impressive!”

Step 2: Content First

I’m sold on the “content first” approach because it’s hands-down the best way to create a website that converts. The structure and design needs to support your message, not the other way around. You won’t get any “just fill in the Lorem Ipsum boxes with your own text” around here.

I’ll help you plan what needs to go on each page of your website, and if you need help writing or editing the copy, I can help you get that done too.

Step 3: Design & Development

First, I’ll provide you with a visual sketch of how your content will be laid out on both desktop and mobile devices. You’ll get a sneak preview of how the site will take shape visually so we can talk through any necessary adjustments before we start making it pretty.

Design & Development

Your website’s visual design is the single most important factor in:

  • Creating the crucial first impression in the mind of your site visitor (you’ve literally got 50 milliseconds);
  • Establishing credibility for your business;
  • Creating an easy and enjoyable experience for your site visitors;
  • Communicating your brand message.
    Make no mistake: design matters;
  • Helping you to achieve your business goals through best practices in conversion optimization and usability.

I check my ego at the door during this phase even though it’s a creative process; it’s about results.

It’s about creating a design that tells your unique story and also makes you gush with pride every time you look at it.

How we achieve that is through plenty of collaboration, plain and simple. We’ll give and receive feedback without clinging too tightly to our precious ideas. If something isn’t making you squeee with delight? I’ll rework it. If you want me to create something I know won’t serve you? I’ll make my case and it’ll likely be backed up by research. (No battle of “personal opinions” and Mariah-Carey-level Diva-ness ’round here.) In short: I got your back.

Then I’ll put it all together in a content management system that’s right for your needs and budget. Usually that’s WordPress, but not always.

Step 4: Launch

Your site will be tested, poked, and prodded until we’re certain it’s fast to load, mobile friendly, looks great on all modern browsers, and is optimized for search, secure, connected to Google Analytics, and *a laundry list of other details I won’t bore you with now*. Then, we go live.

Step 5: Training & Documentation

You’ll be provided with all the information you need in one handy document to easily manage and maintain your website. I’ll also create a personalized “walk through” training video showing you how to get right to the meat of what you’ll need to do to make updates and edits.

But wait, there's more!

Every effective website requires some “behind the scenes” features that you may not be concerned about or aware of right now… but I am. You’ll thank me later!

Included in your website project:

  • On-site SEO software installation
  • Image optimization software installation to keep your site fast-loading
  • Set up and submit sitemap for Google Search Console & Bing
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Social Sharing installation
  • Backup system installation
  • Security plugin installation

Taughnee’s work on my blog has been stellar. the results speak for themselves: I’m first in organic search and I regularly receive fan mail about the design. She is the best — and the only — blog designer I recommend to others.

— Katya Andresen



Timeline: 4-8 weeks

Price: Starts at $5,000

First consultation: FREE

Taughnee has done a fantastic job redesigning my site twice in recent years. She is always cheerful, deadline oriented, and patient with clients like me who don’t understand the technical details of how websites run. I really love working with Taughnee.

— Judy Gruen

Author & Consultant

When your site launches, you’ll feel empowered, happy, and utterly psyched about getting your business off to the best start possible.

Working with Taughnee is one of those experiences I continue to appreciate long after the work was completed.

— Glen Klinkhart

Public Figure


I'd love to work with you, but I don't think I can afford it. Do you offer discounts for start ups?

I hate to say this word, but “no”… sorry, man. But believe me I feel you, I’m a micro-business owner and I get it.

Here’s the deal. I don’t offer discounts because there’s a “discount” already built-in to every project; I always aim to over-deliver and provide more value than my clients expect. (Raving fans, y’all.) And in order for me to deliver the kind of value that lights up my world, I need enough time to connect the dots and cover all the important details.

But not every business needs a $5k+ website, especially if your business transactions and marketing efforts primarily happen offline, or you just need a place for your customers to “vet” you and see that you’re legit, grab your phone number, etc.

If that’s the case, I encourage you to book a free consultation so we can have a chat and see if we can create a budget that will work for both of us. In the past, I worked on websites with budgets of $500 and $25,000+. Every situation is unique. I’m friendly and helpful, I promise it won’t hurt for you to drop me a line and say hello and ask.

(By the by, I’m always willing to work out flexible payment schedules if that helps.)

Another option I’d recommend is to book a clarity session with me. If you’re considering another approach — maybe doing it yourself or hiring someone cheaper, I can help you make wiser decisions (what to watch out for, common pitfalls, etc.) and point you in the right direction.

What happens if I don't like the design you create for me?

It’s never happened in 15 years in business that a project has been canceled because the client didn’t like the design. The reason is because my process doesn’t really work that way — I spend tons of time getting to know my clients and their businesses, I’m super open to collaboration and revision, and I’m not afraid of “hard to please” or “picky” clients at all. I want you to be engaged and part of the process! So long as you’re not standing over my shoulder calling me names, I’ll keep working hard for you until you’re happy.

From time to time (every five years or so), a client will say, “Wow, I can understand why you went in that direction, but it’s not what I want at all.” When that happens it’s ok! I find that when presented with a visual, people are sometimes much better at articulating their vision and can clarify what they DO want. I just go back to the drawing board and create a new concept until we nail it. I really don’t stop short of, “Wow! I love it!” If you’re not happy, then my own business doesn’t benefit in any way. We’re in it together!

And bottom line: this is why I work with a contract and have a payment structure that’s either 50% deposit / 50% due upon completion or sometimes split up into 3 or 4 payments. It’s good faith on both of our parts. If you want to stop work somewhere in the middle, you’re not out the whole 100%, but I don’t offer refunds for work already completed. Fair deal?

Can you help me with social media?

The short answer is YES!

I can help you understand how to use social media — what channels you should focus on, how often you should post, and what you should share.

I can also hook you up with a branded social media package which includes cover images, avatars and blurbs as well as concepts for your sharing graphics. And, training for how you (or a social media manager) will create them.

But! I do not offer day-to-day management. My project workflow just doesn’t allow for that. But, if you want to hand off the day to day tasks, you’ll be in great shape to instruct a virual assistant or social media specialist on how to implement the strategy we create.

What if I need on-going help maintaining my website?