Website Review


Make informed decisions rather than relying on hunches with a website review.

Are you considering a redesign? Spending tons of effort driving traffic only to wake up to the sound of crickets? Trying your best to attract clients, but they just aren’t signing up?

You depend on your website to be your “hardest working employee” — bringing you clients while you’re busy doing what you do to make a living. But like any good employee, your website needs your help so it can develop into an even better performer, and to course correct when it’s not as performing as well as it should.

Today’s savviest website owners think like optimizers — constantly looking for ways to fix what’s not working and amplify what is. 

A website is never perfect and it’s never done. Competition online is just too fierce these days to “set it and forget it.”

If your website visitors aren’t taking the action you want them to, driving more and more traffic to it is only going to exhaust and defeat you. The key is to make sure you’re capturing every opportunity with the visitors you already have.

Did you know…

  • People form a first impression about you based on your website’s design in under 50 miliseconds?
  • Your visitors expect your site to load in under 3 seconds, and the more technical problems you have, the more they’ll click away?
  • If users are confused about exactly what they need to do next, they aren’t likely to act?

These issues and many others will affect whether or not your site visitors will ever become customers. What opportunities are being missed? What would booking even one more client be worth to your business? 

A website that helps you generate client leads must:

Be free of performance problems.

This is the “low hanging fruit” but a major reason why site visitors will click away before they fall in love with you.

Have a relevant message.

You have about five seconds to capture attention make it clear your site visitor has come to the right place.

Guide users to action

If your users are confused about what to do next, they won’t try to figure it out, they’ll just move on to your competitor’s website.

Be easy to use 

How you interact with your website is very different from how site visitors are using it, if you’ve got usability problems you probably don’t even realize it.

Make the right impression 

Personal taste is subjective, and this isn’t about judging yours. But what we know from research and design best practices can tell you if your design is undermining your credibility.

Employ the right tools

If the tools you’re using aren’t helping you learn from your site visitors and make improvements, your website just can’t work as hard for you as you’re expecting it to.

This is about your empowerment most of all. It isn’t about my personal opinions or taste, and you don’t need to worry that I’ll judge yours. I’m straight-forward, but always respectful, and draw on research and best practices to give you the “reasons why.”  

How it works

This initial review is not a super deep dive, but a “baseline,” designed to get you the most actionable recommendations for the biggest impact right away. The areas I’ll be looking at will draw from research and best practices in the areas of website usability, conversion optimization, design and website technical performance. Within 3 business days you’ll receive my .pdf report, which will include my recommendations and supplemental annoted screen captures of the site areas requiring your most urgent attention.

Baseline Website Review: $397

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That’s right, I said free! Just fill out the form below to schedule your free mini-review. Then, I’ll take a brief look at your website and give you my first impressions via email.  This will give you an idea of the areas I’ll be focusing on and what you can expect, and we’ll have the opportunity to chat about what you’re struggling with most. If, after that initial consultation, you decide it’s not worth the investment, we’ll part as friends — no hard feelings, and no icky sales pitch to endure. No awkwardness, that’s just not the way I roll. But if you wish to proceed, we’ll go forward with the baseline review.

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