Gettin’ your dream clients’ attention ain’t easy these days.

Hi, I’m Taughnee! (Sounds like “Tawny”). I help service-based entrepreneurs level-up their brand to attract more clients they love doing the work they’re meant to be doing.

Are you ready to be seen by your dream clients? Because around here, we brand bravely. We’re going to break through the noise, get you noticed, and build the vision-board version of your business.



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If you're looking to attract more high-quality clients to your business, the first imperative is to make your brand message clear, relevant, and focused.  Put yourself in the shoes of your dream clients. They're busy. Distracted. Overwhelmed. Bombarded with thousands...

“Taughnee made the design process fun!”
— Julie Szabo, Partner, Capulet Communications
“Design doesn’t come in a better package.”
— Alia McKee, Principal, Sea Change Strategies
“Her process is respectful and inspiring…”
— Mia Oxley, Conflict Consultant

“Working with her is incredibly empowering.”
— Jocelyn Harmon, Founder, BlackHer

Stop wondering how to “find clients” and learn how to attract them to you instead in this free 45-minute masterclass.

Inside you’ll learn… 

☆ Why your “Work With Me” page is leaking leads & clients

☆ A system to naturally guide your audience to your premium offers 

☆ One powerful tip that’ll free up time to work ON your business rather than just IN it (so you can create your client attraction system!)

☆ A method for scaling your business without growing a team  

☆ A simple trick to monetise your sales and marketing process.  👏👏

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“I want to attract higher-quality clients & not sure what to do…”

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All I can say is wow. The Client Attraction Playbook has been such a game-changer. Now I see that I’ve been hiding myself in my brand. You gave me the confidence to embrace what makes me ME and go all in with it. In fact, you made it clear that it’s the only way I’m going to grow my business the way I want to. There were things I was afraid to look at before but knew I needed to if I wanted to grow. You made me feel safe to share all of it, like you were really in my corner. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to feel like it’s okay to stop hiding and be me! I finally get that I can steer my business the way I want and don’t have to take any old client that comes my way. I can’t wait for what happens next! 

Sandra Clayton

Entrepreneurship Expert,

I had worked with a number of SEO & marketing specialists before, and all of them would focus on traffic and keywords and placement ads, but never seemed to get it – the concept, the ethos of what my business was about. To them, it seemed to be all about inflating analytics figures.

The very first time I spoke to Taughnee, she got it, instantly. She understood exactly what my business was about and what I was going for – and that alone was a huge relief. Then, after the initial review of my website, I realized just how much Taughnee got it. Just getting more user’s eyeballs onto the website was worthless if my website wasn’t clear. Taughnee’s recommendations were clear, concise, straightforward to implement, and made everything make sense. I couldn’t recommend Taughnee’s services highly enough.

Lawrie Malen


Taughnee captured the essence of the BlackHer brand, which is all about the showcasing Black women and highlighting our ambition, leadership, and accomplishment.  And working with her is incredibly empowering. Taughnee is more than a website designer and strategist she is a BlackHer ally and friend

Jocelyn Harmon