If you feel invisible to your dream clients right now, it’s branding that makes you visible (and I don’t mean slapping your logo all over everything and calling it good). 

It’s about knowing how to show up and speak in a way that’ll get your dream clients doing a double-take: “Hey! That’s for me!” 

The clarity you need to do that isn’t easy to get on your own, and that’s where I come in. I can’t promise you it’ll be easy (there’ll be homework, and there are no shortcuts), but my clients say the process is fun!

Hi, I’m Taughnee (sounds like “Tawny”). I don’t pull punches and I don’t peddle promises. Just smart, strategic, and supportive client-attraction guidance. Let’s work together! 

“Taughnee made the design process fun!”
— Julie Szabo, Partner, Capulet Communications

“Design doesn’t come in a better package.”
— Alia McKee, Principal, Sea Change Strategies

“Her process is respectful and inspiring…”
— Mia Oxley, Conflict Consultant

digital strategy


The key to attracting clients online (without all the overwhelm that comes from “just doing things”) is to start with strategy. 

digital strategy


Design that gets you noticed and remembered starts with customer clarity and bravely communicating what makes you uniquely you

digital strategy


It’s not enough anymore to just “set it and forget it.” I empower you to turn your website into your hardest-working sales employee.

“With Taughnee there is no cookie-cutter approach, she takes the time to know and understand your business and creates an engaging web experience tailored to your specific niche or industry.”

— Amy Young

Marketing Strategist, Zencloud Consulting

“I can’t recommend Endeavor Creative highly enough. Taughnee is a talented designer AND she is accommodating, communicative and deadline-oriented. Design doesn’t come in a better package!

— Alia McKee

Principal, Sea Change Strategies

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