3 Reasons Why Web Design Still Matters

Of course your words are the most important thing on your website. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise!) But here are a few reasons why design is of critical importance for your website:

1. The user’s first impression is your website’s design

Studies show that people form a first impression of your of your website in  less than a second. That’s right: people form an impression before they have a chance to read your words.

2. Your design may be getting in the way of desired action

Design is not just the stuff that makes a website look nice. (I like to call that decoration.) Good design’s first job is to help users and site owners achieve their goals (e.g. get to the content they’re looking for quickly or help make the sale). If navigational tools, script errors, bloated or outdated code are causing frustration … the design is not supporting your words, and may even be preventing users from reading them!

3. Your design influences how you’re found in search engines

There are various design factors that search engines like Google look for when ranking websites, such as whether or not you’re providing mobile users with an optimized viewing experience, and how long it takes the site to load. A good web designer takes all of these things into consideration just as much as the visual composition.

Proper planning is crucial if you care about getting a return on your website investment. Work with me to launch your website and I’ll guide you through it.