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Clarify your message to attract the right people to you to do the right work…

If you’ve ever had someone ask you, “What is it you do again, exactly?” chances are they’re not the only one who isn’t clear about it. 

And if your message isn’t clear, you’re making it difficult for your dream clients to find and hire you. 

Creating your Brand Message Foundation starts with figuring out  what makes you more special and valuable than your competition.

Then, we write the words to describe what you do, who you serve, how you do it differently and why you’re doing in a way that’s clear, focused, and relevant to your dream clients. 

Together we’ll get to the bottom of the brand story your dream clients need to hear from you.



First, you’ll go through some brand clarity exercises so we can gather up all the building blocks of your message.

Then, I’ll create drafts for your most essential brand copy:

✓ Value proposition for your home page 
✓ Value propositions for your main service offerings
✓ Your purpose statement
✓ Elevator pitch
✓ Social media profiles
✓ Tagline

Then, we’ll meet in a 1-1 work session via ZOOM and go over the draft copy and finalise it together. This allows you to have a voice in the creative process and rapid-fire decision making means you can get out there and get going with it as quickly as possible. 

Plan to set aside at least 2-3 hours for this session. 

Price: $1,200 

To book your Brand Message Foundation Intensive, fill out the form below and I’ll send instructions for next steps. 

Ready? Let's do this!

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