I had worked with a number of SEO & marketing specialists before, and all of them would focus on traffic and keywords and placement ads, but never seemed to get it – the concept, the ethos of what my business was about. To them, it seemed to be all about inflating analytics figures.

The very first time I spoke to Taughnee, she got it, instantly. She understood exactly what my business was about and what I was going for – and that alone was a huge relief. Then, after the initial review of my website, I realized just how much Taughnee got it. Just getting more user’s eyeballs onto the website was worthless if my website wasn’t clear.

Taughnee’s recommendations were clear, concise, straightforward to implement, and made everything make sense. I couldn’t recommend Taughnee’s services highly enough.

Lawrie Malen
Founder, BuyABrickFor.us

Taughnee not only helped me launch my business in time for the holiday season, she ‘streamlined’ the learning process by giving me answers to specific questions so I could just focus on the things I needed to know. She even talked me out of spending money that wasn’t necessary at this stage.

Had I not done Empowerment Sessions with Taughnee, launching my site would have either been delayed or filled with frustration and expense. I highly recommend picking Taughnee’s brain!”

Laura Gannarelli
Founder, Pop of Paper

A la carte services

Logo Design
Each logo design is completely custom. Included are three rounds of refinements to your chosen concept.

3 initial concepts: $1,250 Additional concepts $250/each 

Business Card Design
3 beautiful options to choose from and revisions as necessary + coordination with your printer of choice. Cost: $250
Branded Social Media Graphics
Social Media Profile Cover Graphics: $50/each Pinterest & Featured Blog Post Image Style Guide  Get noticed on social media with graphics that stand out from the crowd! Included: The design concept + 3 rounds of revisions, a style guide, and a personalized training video so you know how to create them going forward in either Photoshop or Canva. $500
Branded Content
Good design can elevate the perception of value and establish instant credibility… then you can knock ’em dead with your smarts. Ebooks, whitepapers, lead magnets and other digital downloads. Anything that can be turned into a .pdf, basically. Includes cover design. Stock imagery is included, but if it’s not available with the service I subscribe to there may be additional fees for artwork. 1-30 pages $50/page (min 5 pages) 31+ pages: $40/page
Website Review
Do you suspect your website is letting you down in some big way that’s costing you opportunities to land clients? A redesign may not be necessary, sometimes minor changes can dramatically improve conversions. Click here to find out more about how my website review service works. Price: $397
I can’t recommend Endeavor Creative highly enough. Taughnee is a talented designer AND she is accommodating, communicative and deadline-oriented. Design doesn’t come in a better package!

Alia McKee
Principal Consultant, Sea Change Strategies

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The Brand Story Blueprint
Regularly $35 – You can grab it for $25 in the next 15 minutes
That’s $10 off the regular price!

If it ever feels like a straight-up daily battle to get your dream clients to notice you… it’s because it is.

If you feel invisible (“hello? is this thing on?”), it’s because the reality is–your dream customers are faced with thousands of brand messages each and every day and they can’t pay attention to all of it… to them, MOST of it sounds like noise. 

If your message doesn’t seem to be specifically meant for them — if it isn’t clear, relevant, and useful — they’re just gonna keep on scrollin’. The way to cut through all the noise and get your signals through is to…

Stop telling the story you think you’re supposed to tell and start telling the story they really want to hear.

Inside this 62-page interactive PDF workbook, we’re going to prepare your message for battle so you can capture the attention–and the hearts!–of your ideal clients.

Inside you’ll learn…

👉Why so many marketing messages sound like noise and the one thing you need so yours don’t.
👉What your dream clients need to know in order to choose you instead of your competitors.
👉How to write the bullseye brand statements you need to attract the right people to you 
👉 Why you need to stop selling your services like a commodity to attract high-quality clients and to build a reputation as a go-to expert instead. 

The Brand Story Blueprint is a foundational step for any online service-based business to create clear, consistent messages your dream clients actually WANT to pay attention to.

Hi, I’m Taughnee (sounds like “Tawny”) Stone.

I’m a brand strategist and designer with over 20 years of experience helping entrepreneurs launch and build remarkable brands.

Here’s a secret: creating the pretty visuals and clever copy is the easy part. What’s hard is getting clear about who you are and even more importantly… who you are not. 

This is, unfortunately, not something you can outsource and I can’t promise you it’s easy (but it is worth it, I promise). 

But when you get clear about your customer and the reasons why they’ll see you as something more special than your competition, a magical thing happens: the right people start coming to you to do the right work.

I wish you luck and courage as you write your brand story. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I know the Brand Story Blueprint will help you tell a brand story that attracts the right people to you.

But if you’re not 100% satisfied, just shoot me an email at taughnee@endeavorcreative.com 
within 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked and we’ll part as friends.