Master Your Message

In The Brand Story Blueprint, we’re going to prepare your message for battle with all the noise you’re competing with online so you can capture the attentionand the hearts!of your ideal clients. 

The exercises in this interactive .pdf workbook will help you understand the story your dream clients need to hear from you and your brand’s competitive advantages in the market.

This work is foundational for any successful service-based business to create clear, consistent messages your dream clients actually WANT to pay attention to.

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Inside you’ll learn…

Why so many marketing messages sound like noise, and the one thing you need to do to in order to get your dream clients to stop scrolling and pay attention.


The building blocks of your brand story–not only what you sell, but how you do it differently from your competition and the reasons why your dream clients will care and choose you.

How to write brand positioning statements that will help you get your message across clearly and in the language your customers will understand.

Hi, I’m Taughnee (sounds like “Tawny”) Stone.

I’m a brand strategist and designer on a mission to empower tiny service-based businesses to brand bravely and attract clients they love.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients bring their brand visions to life over more than 15 years. One thing I’ve learned is the difference between success and struggle is having brand clarity and a clear, consistent message. 

The Brand Story Blueprint is an excellent first step if you’re just getting started or if you’ve been in business for a while and long to level up, attract better clients, and focus on the work you’re meant to be doing.