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Break the FEAST OR FAMINE CYCLE 5-Day Challenge!

Inside this 5-day email challenge, you’ll learn:

1: The shockingly simple trick that’ll allow you to scale, profit, and grow your business.
2: 3 quick wins you can implement ASAP that’ll propel you toward your goals 
3: A simple strategy that’ll FAST TRACK any marketing initiative
4. Master your mindset so you’re ready for more success to come into your life
5. The Client Attraction System that’ll get your dream clients coming to you on autopilot 

Hi there! I’m Taughnee (sounds like “Tawny”) Stone. I’m a brand strategist, designer, and one-person business owner of Endeavor Creative since 2002.

I know what it’s like to be SO BUSY with client work that paying attention to your own business is the last thing you’re worried about …cash is flowing in and it feels like this feast will never end!

Until it does. When the client workload lightens up, you’re desperate to find your next client… “famine mode” sets in.

Breaking that cycle requires shifting priorities and creating systems so you always have consistent leads coming in to your business.

✔ Creative professional
✔ Marketer
✔ Virtual Assistant
✔ Consultant
✔ Coach
✔ Solopreneur
✔ Freelancer

Are you ready for the challenge? I’ll be sharing my BEST secrets for creating a sustainable, profitable system for attracting your dream clients to you on autopilot. See you in your inbox soon!