The Client Attraction Playbook

You’re a passionate, multi-talented entrepreneur who can solve many different problems for many different people.

So where are all the high-quality clients?

Being multi-talented sounds like an advantage, but it’s actually a trap.

A trap that can lead to: 

👉Living the feast-or-famine lifestyle: either swamped with client work or wondering where your next meal’s gonna come from 
👉Offering a smorgasbord of services you don’t enjoy doing because you can’t turn down any opportunities to make money
👉Working for people who aren’t a good fit because #bills
👉Working your life away and never feeling like you’re getting anywhere with it

This is not a reflection on how smart, qualified, and badass you are at your work. Because here’s the thing… 


To your dream clients, you’re just one of countless multi-talented people they have to choose from and they don’t understand the difference.

What’s worse, when all of their options appear mostly the same, they’ll base their decision on price.

This is why freelancer websites are filled with talented, hardworking people who are all racing to the bottom: they know that the one who works the hardest for the lowest price wins. 

You became self-employed so you’d have the freedom to live life on your own terms, not to work for people who don’t value you doing a whole bunch of unpleasant tasks you’d frankly rather not.

This happens when you’re operating in your zone of many talents rather than your zone of genius—which is where all of the personal fulfillment and financial reward happens. 



The good news is, you possess a superpower that can magnetically attract the right people to you to do the work you’re meant to do

But getting to the bottom of what that is and then confidently telling the world about it in no uncertain terms is easier said than done. 

My superpower is helping fellow entrepreneurs understand their superpowers so you can get focused on:

👍Doing the work you’re meant to be doing
👍The actions that’ll get your dream clients seeking you out 
👍Saying yes to opportunities and no to distractions (and knowing the difference)

The Client Attraction Playbook isn’t just about attracting more clients you love to serve, it’s your roadmap for building a business that brings you more joy, fulfillment, and financial reward. 

The Client Attraction Playbook is for you if…

👉You’re tired of people treating your service like it’s a commodity and asking you, “How much is this gonna cost me?”  before they even know your name 
👉You’re fed up with creating custom proposals for “tire kickers” 
👉You want freedom from the “feast or famine cycle” 
👉You’re ready to stake your claim as a go-to expert
👉You have the guts to say no to the things you know aren’t helping you grow and yes to leaping forward 
👉You’re eager to do what it takes to get high-paying clients you adore seeking you out consistently rather than chasing after them all the time 
You’ve been stuck in overthinking mode for far too long and you’re revved up to get into action mode…

Knowing exactly what to do, with the action steps you need customised to your unique situation, so you can begin taking control of your business starting today. 

As a creative services business, I have wanted to niche down so that I am not juggling so many small projects. Working with Taughnee through her thorough process allowed me to dig deep and really work through some of the challenges. She made me feel extremely comfortable, allowing me to be honest when answering questions, and the results she put together provided specific insight that allows me to take action to reach my goals. Taughnee tapped into areas where I was unclear due to being so caught up in my own business and my own head and provided something I can refer back to whenever I feel stuck or my mindset isn’t where I want it to be. The Client Attraction Playbook is an invaluable tool I know have to help me find ways to work in my “Zone of Genius” each day.

Jake Van Ness
Owner, Graphic Precision

All I can say is wow. The Client Attraction Playbook has been such a game-changer. Now I see that I’ve been hiding myself in my brand. You gave me the confidence to embrace what makes me ME and go all in with it. In fact, you made it clear that it’s the only way I’m going to grow my business the way I want to. There were things I was afraid to look at before but knew I needed to if I wanted to grow. You made me feel safe to share all of it, like you were really in my corner. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to feel like it’s okay to stop hiding and be me! I finally get that I can steer my business the way I want and don’t have to take any old client that comes my way. I can’t wait for what happens next! 

Sandra Clayton

I would highly recommend the Client Attraction Playbook for any service-led small business that is just starting out on their own. The process and the exercises I went through with Taughnee gave me the necessary guidance, clarity and the confidence that I’m heading in the right direction with my client attraction efforts. Taughnee is also the friendliest and the nicest person to work with, definitely will work with her again in the future!

Marta Denkiewicz 
Researcher & UX Designer

Hi, I’m Taughnee.

I believe your tiny business can achieve mighty things when you brand bravely.

It’s gonna take soul-searching courage, but I got your back

Our work together begins by getting to the bottom of that magical thing you do in the way only you can do it.  
Then, we’ll figure out how to make it easy for people to “get it,” remember it, and come to you when they need it.
When we’re through, you’ll have:



We’ll create a Bullseye Service Offering you can become famous for and map out a lineup of smaller offers that’ll guide the right people to it on autopilot. 



To stake your claim as a go-to expert in the niche and a way to describe your work that’ll get your dream clients to stop scrolling and pay attention.



So you know what marketing actions to focus on today and in the months to come to attract better clients to do the work that lights you up. 



Just more food for thought

The magic only happens when you’re doing. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned helping entrepreneurs build their brands over the last 15+ years and designed this process to get you the clarity and confidence you need to get into action, like, pronto.

A critique of what you’re doing wrong

Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s about revealing the hidden gem qualities about you that are not so easy to see when you’re so close to them. I’m going to help you shine a spotlight on them so your dream clients will see you.

Who this is perfect for

Anyone selling a service who wants to attract high-quality clients online including…

Creative professionals
(graphic designers, copywriters, web designers, etc.) 

Digital service providers
(virtual assistants, social media and online marketing pros, etc.) 

Coaches and consultants

Freelancers looking to level-up 

Who this is not for

You won’t find this useful if you’re selling a physical product I’m afraid.

But if you’re offering digital products (e.g. courses) that relate to your service offerings, or if you plan to, it’s definitely for you.


Yes, this is for you even if you’re a marketing pro, creative professional, or business guru and you think you’re supposed to have all this stuff figured out by now. 

(Spoiler alert: nobody has it all figured out.)

It’s easy to apply your genius to client work because you’re not emotionally attached to it, but it’s much more complicated when it comes to taking our own medicine. We stand in our own way, we hedge our bets, we sell it softly rather than boldly and confidently.

You could keep spinning your wheels and take the next weeks and months trying to get clear about your next right move, or you could get yourself a strategy sidekick who understands exactly what you’re going through who’ll help you get unstuck and move your piece forward on the board.

(In case it wasn’t obvious, that’s me.) 


1. Together we’ll take a look at your business as it is today to identify your biggest Client Attraction opportunities 
2. We’ll kick things off with a 1.5-2 hour strategy session via video conference and create your lineup of service offerings
3. Over the following week, we’ll collaborate to write the copy to describe your services
4. We’ll meet again for a 1.5-2 hour strategy session to fine-tune your offers and create a strategy for getting them visible 
5. Within a few days, I’ll follow up with your Client Attraction Playbook that’ll include your next-steps action plan so you know the most important things to focus on in the weeks and months to come. (No more “winging it” with your marketing efforts!)

The Client Attraction Playbook is your roadmap for breaking the feast-or-famine cycle and building a business you love. 


Not quite ready? You might try The Bullseye Offer Formula instead.  

Let’s do this!

The first step is to fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to schedule your Client Attraction Strategy session.

We’ll choose the time that works best and I’ll send over a contract and an invoice to secure your place in my schedule at this limited time price.

If you’re not 100% sure this is right for you, we can hop on a 15-minute call and figure it out together. Just let me know in the body of your message below, I’m happy to answer any questions you have.  

I look forward to working with you!