Stuck trying to launch or up-level your online brand? 

The last thing you need is yet another “how to” blog post. You need someone who can answer your questions, help you make decisions, and give you the action steps to move forward.

An empowerment session is your chance to pick my brain (that’s packed with 15+ years of experience helping entrepreneurs launch their brands online) and get the answers you need to leap—rather than inch—forward.

The goal of the empowerment session is to get out of overthinking mode and research mode so you can get into action mode. 

We can talk about planning your website, how to package your service offerings, how to get visible, drive traffic, build authority… if it has anything to do with branding, websites, or online marketing, I’m your gal. 

“She even talked me out of spending money that wasn’t necessary at this stage…”

“Let me say up front that I’m not a digital person. Anything that requires me to use social media or the web makes me feel anxious because I KNOW it’s going to frustrate me. When I decided to launch my new business with an online store, I worked with Taughnee to get answers to all my questions: What technology should I use to set up my store? Do I need to worry about creating a full-blown custom website or is there a way for me to just get started simply and cheaply and test the market? What social media channels should I focus on to reach my customers?

Taughnee not only helped me launch my business in time for the holiday season, she streamlined the learning process by giving me answers to specific questions so I could just focus on the things I needed to know. She even talked me out of spending money that wasn’t necessary at this stage. Now that I know more about what’s involved in running an online business, I’m glad I spared that budget because I’ll need it to take things to the next level in the coming year.

Had I not done empowerment sessions with Taughnee, launching my site would have either been delayed or fraught with frustration and expense. I highly recommend picking Taughnee’s brain!”

Laura Gannarelli

Designer and Owner, Pop of Paper

“Taughnee saved me dozens of hours of banging my head against the desk…”

“I had so many questions about where to start getting my website launched, and in just one empowerment session, Taughnee pointed me in the right direction and saved me dozens of hours of banging my head against the desk. Not only did she give me a road map of exactly what I needed to do, she walked me through exactly how to do things I had specific questions about. Well worth the investment, and believe me, I’ll be back if I ever feel my wheels spinning again. Thank you, Taughnee!”

Dubravko Dulan

Creative Director, 7:30

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90 minutes: $250 
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