Find the perfect free fonts for your design projects without spending hours & hours (has it been days?)

The Font Personality Swipe File includes 75 Google Font combinations organized by “personality” and curated for quality so you can speed up your design projects like whoa

Pick the perfect fonts every time in 3 quick steps!

STEP #1:

Do the Brand Personality Exercise based on Stanford University research
to determine your brand personality dimension.

STEP #2:

Locate your brand personality dimension…

.STEP #3:

Choose from 15 stunning Google Font combinations for each dimension (75 total)
meticulously hand-curated by a professional, award-winning graphic designer of over 20 years. ( That’s me! 😜

I scoured the depths of Google fonts and categorized the best ones so you don’t have to. No matter what you’re workin’ on,  you’ll find a winning font combo within minutes…



Professional designers, virtual assistants, marketers
This swipe file is perfect for designers who use Google Fonts in their work. A web designer colleague of mine called it…

“Comprehensive AF” 😎

Bloggers, business owners, font enthusiasts
It’s also GREAT if you’re doing your own branding and website design and want to make sure you’re choosing typography that’s appropriate and reflects your brand personality. 

But wait, there’s more!

You know how finding QUALITY handwriting and script fonts free for commercial use is such a total time suck?

That’s why I’m also sharing two additional swipe files that include free,
high-quality fonts for your branding and design projects.

This isn’t yet another dump of (mostly crappy) free fonts, it’s a curated list of well-designed font babes…
only a small % of the fonts I test make the cut.

Just pull up the interactive .pdfs in your browser and each font is linked to a download page! 

Free for commercial use handwriting & script fonts swipe files… 

And that’s not all!
Pull up a seat ’cause I’m about to spill some tea…

To really make your designs look PRO level, there’s a secret graphic designers rarely share …

That is, there are really only a handful of go-to fonts designers rely on and use over and over again in their work and most professionals agree on what those fonts are.

They know the craftsmanship, versatility, and timelessness of these tried-and-true fonts will never let them down.

Trouble is, most of these fonts are super high-end and can cost hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars…

Lucky for you, I know all the tricks when it comes to finding FREE substitutes for these top-shelf fonts and I’ve put them together for you in a FONT DUPE DIRECTORY.

It regularly sells for $9 (which is a bargain when you consider how much you’ll SAVE),
but it’s included when you buy the Font Personality Swipe file today!



$28 value ~ grab it today for just $7

(Upon checkout, all four files will be delivered to your inbox and available to download.)

Hi, I’m Taughnee (sounds like “Tawny”) Stone.

 As featured in…

I’m a brand strategist with over 20 years of experience as a web & graphic designer. I created this swipe file because using free fonts is both wonderful and frustrating!

On the one hand, they make design projects soooo easy and more profitable too…

But not all free fonts are made equal. Some are lovely and some are duds. And, there are just so damn many of them!

I wanted to make projects easier and faster for myself so I dug in separated the wheat from the chaff and now, I just pull out the swipe file and enjoy a, “Oh yeah! That’s perfect!” moment!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I know the Font Personality Swipe File will save you LOADS of time and eliminate font guesswork.

But if you’re not 100% satisfied, just shoot me an email at 
within 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.