Stop wondering how to “find clients” and learn how to attract them to you instead in this free 45-minute masterclass.

Inside you’ll learn… 

☆ Why your “Work With Me” page is leaking leads & clients

☆ A system to naturally guide your audience to your premium offers 

☆ One powerful tip that’ll free up time to work ON your business rather than just IN it (so you can create your client attraction system!)

☆ A method for scaling your business without growing a team  

☆ A simple trick to monetise your sales and marketing process.  👏👏

Hi there! I’m Taughnee (sounds like “Tawny”) Stone. I’m a brand strategist, designer, and I’ve been a one-person business owner for over 15 years.

I know first-hand how painful it is to get stuck in the perpetual “feast or famine” cyclethat’s why I’m obsessed with mastering the art of client attraction.

I’ve learned that in order to scale and create consistency, you need a strategy and a systemjust winging it and hoping it works out isn’t gonna cut it. 

I believe your business should reward you both personally and financially and I’m here to help. See you inside the class!