You’ve probably heard the news… Pinterest is evolving.

The old way of sharing the same pins over and over just doesn’t work anymore. What does is sharing FRESH PINS in order to keep users engaged and inspired.

Some content creators are in a panic calling it bad news: “Pinterest is getting harder!” they say.

But here’s the good news…

This doesn’t mean you can’t continue to promote your existing content anymore.

A “Fresh Pin” in the eyes of Pinterest can be as simple as creating a new pin graphic. 

The spirit behind all of this is that you want to be telling a different visual story to keep your audience engaged.

(And not seeing the same-old-same-old stuff).

That means content creators who are willing to make new and multiple pins for their content, who focus on the quality of their visuals, are going to have a HUGE competitive advantage going forward.

I believe the future of Pinterest is brighter than ever and I’ll tell you why…

I put this to the test:

My strategy for the last two months has been to create fresh pins, and my engaged audience has more than doubled.

Every time I log in to my dashboard I only see green arrows.

I haven’t been pinning to more boards.  (In fact… fewer!)

I haven’t been spending more time on Pinterest.

I haven’t scheduled more Pins than usual on Tailwind.

I’ve just changed one thing and that’s feeding Pinterest 1-2 fresh pins on most days. 

(Not even every day because like you, I get busy with other things and #life.)

But I know you’re probably thinking… sounds nice, but….

“How on earth am I going to find the time to create all these fresh pins?!!”

The SECRET is templates.

But not just any old templates — we need a strategy behind them so we can work fast and effectively. 

1. We’re gonna need plenty of styles & variety (freshy freshness!)

They must be versatile enough to tell a different visual story in multiple different ways.  

The key to producing fresh pins fast is not to recreate the wheel each time — you want to have lots of template styles to pull from and a strategy for the different ways you’ll freshen up the same piece of content. 

2. More than just being “fresh,” they also need to be visually competitive.

That means your designs must grab attention instantly and stand out from all the other pins in the feed.

 3. The design must “train” Pinterest what that pin is about.

Did you know that Pinterest can “read” your Pins? Your design performs a crucial role: making sure they’re readable and relevant.

That means, for example, no more using swoopy script fonts on important keywords because Pinterest can’t “read” them. Your designs must be eye-catching to your audience but they must also train Pinterest what that pin is about so it gets shown to the right people. 


How do I know all this stuff and who the heck am I?

Hi! I’m Taughnee (sounds like “Tawny”) Stone – I’m a brand strategist and award-winning designer of over 15 years.

I’m also a blogger who depends on Pinterest to bring thousands of people to my website every month. I know what works on Pinterest not just as a professional designer, but because I’m right there in the trenches with you. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME fussing with Pin designs. It wasn’t until I created templates for myself so I have a formula to follow that things got easier for me.

Less work + better results = yay!

I’ve put everything I know and everything I’ve learned about designing for Pinterest into a system to help you dominate the feed while spending less time.

The Fresh Pin Generator System

Pin Templates for Canva

The templates are designed to help you work FAST when creating fresh pins with loads of versatility baked in. You’ll get five template sets sorted by CONTENT & PIN TYPE so you can pull up the right templates quickly.  


9 Designs
2:3 aspect ratio (1000×1500)

These are the bread and butter pins you rely on, displaying your headline. Option to use a photo or a simple color background.


5 Designs
2:3 aspect ratio (1000×1500)

Because list posts are so common, I’ve created styles that accommodate a number to make it easy!


6 Designs
2:3 aspect ratio (1000×1500)

Have a lead magnet or even a digital product to promote? No sweat! These designs include simple text & list post styles with drag & drop mockups!


12 Designs
1:2.1 aspect ratio (1000×2100)

Longer pins give you more room to tell a bigger story and they still perform great on Pinterest. Includes simple text, list post, or promo pin style options.


8 Designs
1:2.2 aspect ratio (1000×2100)

Most of my best-performing pins are “tutorial pins” which provide excerpts of your list posts — simpler to create than infographics but just as eye catching!

The templates work as a system to build your brand on Pinterest.
Together, they look coordinated and professional while still creating the variety you need. 

Stop scrolling! Pay attention!

…is what we want your audience to do when they see your Pins! That’s why I’ve designed them using what we know works on Pinterest:

Strong use of color 
Big, bold, readable fonts

We want your Pins to be unmissable, especially on mobile.

And while it’s good to experiment with different styles of designs and colors sometimes, having a consistent visual style is what gets you recognized and trusted.

When people know, like, and trust your content… they share and click through!

It’s easy to make them yours and create a branded look!

Just choose 3-4 colors and 1-2 fonts and follow the variations I’ve created to create a cohesive, branded look!

You’ll get 40 template designs with 3 variations for each design!

Let me break that down because this is where the “generator” part comes in… 

Each time you create a new pin for the same piece of content, your templates can and should be “freshened up” to keep Pinterest happy by using variations in color, text, photos, etc.

I’ve given you a head start by creating 3 variations for each of the 40 styles!

That means, even if graphic design “isn’t your thing,” you’ll see examples of ways to modify your Pins to make them fresh. 

Technically, you get 120 individual templates but I didn’t want you to think I was trying to pull a fast one… it’s more accurate to say you get “40 sets of 3.”

The reason why it’s set up like this is all about SPEED… 

You’ll have enough options to create 1 fresh pin per day for 120 days, 2 fresh pins for 60 days, or 4 fresh pins per day for the entire month – quickly, easily, no stress –you got this!


Let’s see how it works in action!


Need simple text pin?

Of course you do, these are your staples and should take no more than 1-2 minutes to create once you get into the swing of things. 

If you can incorporate a relevant images, you’ll have options ready to go. If not, just keep it simple and use one that uses color & design elements only.

There are 9 different designs included (27 templates). 

Have a list post?

Just pull up the list post template pack! 

Because the “list post” is such a common content type I’ve created a separate set to make it even easier to crank them out quickly.

Choose from 5 different designs (15 templates). 

Have a freebie or product to promote?

Use a promo pin template and demonstrate it with a mockup!

This is a GREAT way to catch your audience’s eyes to promote your free and paid offers. Just drag and drop your eBook covers or screen captures into the provided mockups.

Choose from 6 designs (18 templates).



  Just download it as .a png, upload it to Canva, and drag it into the mockups!


12 LONG-STYLE DESIGNS (36 templates)

Long pins still work on Pinterest and many are some of my top performing pins!

Once you’re done making your simple, list, or promo pins — turn them into long pins!

The long-form pins come in several varieties depending on the type of content you’re working with including photo pins, promo pins and list post pins.

+ 8 “TUTORIAL” STYLE DESIGNS (24 templates)

My top performing pin of all time is a simple tutorial pin that took me only a few minutes to create!

If you have a list post, turn it into a “tutorial pin” and give people a visual excerpt of your content! These are much simpler and faster to create than infographics but have the same visual storytelling impact! People love pinning them, but they also drive traffic to get the full story!

Here’s a quick example of how it works…

If that works out well for you, double down on it!
Just freshen it up by following one of the variations!

“So many templates, how will I find the one I need quickly?”

Great question! First, you’ll have five separate template sets and that will make it so easy because they’re sorted by content type: simple, list, promo, long, and tutorial.

But to make it even easier, I’ve created template map with all of the PINs in order in one page so you can glance at it, zoom in on it if you want to, and know exactly where to find what you’re looking for within each set. 

It’s all about workflow, baby! 😎

New to Canva? I got your back!

You’ll also get a training module that walks you through the basics step-by-step — everything from installing your templates and managing them inside your Canva account to using the design tools to customize your templates to make them unique to you!


Are the templates compatable with the free version of Canva?
The templates were designed using Canva Pro images so if you want to keep any of the placeholder photos I’ve selected, you may need to buy them. Otherwise, you’re good to go!
What if I'm not happy with the templates, can I get a refund?
You can!

In most cases, because of the nature of a product like this, designers almost always specify that all sales are final.

But, I would never want you to be legitimately unhappy, so if you contact me within 7 days of purchase, I’ll be happy to give you a refund. You’ll receive my contact information in your instruction document and you can always reach me at if you have any questions.

All I ask is that we use the honor code. If you ask for a refund, I expect in return that you will delete the templates from your account and discontinue use. While you will receive a license for use of the templates, Endeavor Creative retains full copyright ownership and unlicensed use is strictly prohibited.


Can I use these to create PINS for a client?
You can!

Each license is valid for one person or business entity.

In other words, you can create PINS for your clients and sell them the end product (the PINS you create for them), but you will need a separate license for each person or business entity. 

If you are a Pinterest VA or a designer who creates PINS for client work, you might apply to become an affiliate. 

That way, if your clients are using Canva, you may invite them to purchase this product with your affiliate link and then you’re free to work on their designs in their account.

Please note: you can install them in one account per license but you may not share the templates themselves for any reason.

Fresh Pin Generator customers are invited to become an affiliate, just send me an email at for the details.

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