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Guest Post Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in writing for! I am currently accepting a limited number of guest posts that fit the following criteria: 

Audience appropriate

  • My target audience skews female but is not gender specific; please avoid using gender-specific language
  • Age ranges from 25-70+ (from Millennials launching their first business to Baby Boomers monetizing their expertise); please avoid using generation-specific language
  • Highly educated, mature, professional, successful, entrepreneurial
  • Small service-based business owners (solopreneurs, small firms, creative professionals, consultants, coaches); please avoid content aimed at larger companies and/or physical-product-based companies. 

Tone appropriate

  • The tone should be conversational (not formal). Speak directly to the reader (i.e. use words like “you” and “your”). Around here we’re not corporate robots.
  • That said, we’re not babies either, so don’t force cleverness or familiarity (e.g. “yo yo yo, what’s up boss babes?!”…  just, NO). 
  • A bit of cheekiness/humor is most welcome so long as you keep it professional and audience-appropriate.

The goal is to inspire confidence and leave the reader feeling empowered. Articles that help the reader take action or provide a fresh way of understanding a difficult concept are more likely to be considered. 

Topics I’m most interested in from guest experts:

  • Online Marketing (social media, SEO, authority building, content marketing, sales funnels, blogging, etc.)
  • Location-independent, Service-Based Entrepreneurship (how to find clients, tips for creating a niche business, leveraging passive income through digital products or blogging, digital nomad or “laptop lifestyle” topics)
  • Website Tips (anything pertaining to how to convert visitors into customers, drive targeted traffic, etc.)

Additional guidelines: 

1. The content must be original and specifically written for Your article must NOT appear anywhere else online (including your own website).

2. Articles should be between 1000-2000 words give or take.

3. Please include a 1-paragraph bio, photo, and a link to your website for inclusion at the bottom of the post. Any additional links you wish to be included in the body of your post will require prior approval. Absolutely no spammy or affiliate links will be allowed.

4. I reserve the right to edit for clarity, layout, headings, etc. or reject your article outright if I feel it is not a good fit.

5. Articles must be checked for spelling and grammatical errors and submitted in its final form (no drafts).

6. I will create the graphics for sharing on social media so I can keep things on-brand–no need to worry about that. If you want to use additional photos/graphics they will need to be approved.


Please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch! Thank you so much!