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Whether you want to establish thought leadership, attract high-paying clients, build brand awareness or land the gig, you know that everybody else wants those things too. Great design is the edge you need to cut through the noise and get your content noticed. 


“Taughnee made the design process fun!”

“Taughnee is a true professional! Her design work on the Lifeboat ebook project perfectly balances practicality and creativity. She hit every deadline and exceeded expectations while staying on budget. Plus, Taughnee made the design process fun! I truly look forward to working with her again.”

Julie Szabo

Partner, Capulet Communications

eBooks, Magazines & Whitepapers

You’ve done the hard partyou’ve created killer content and you’re going to use it to acquire leads and create authority. The problem is, everybody’s doing that. Great design helps your content get noticed… then you hit ’em with your smarts.

Winner of an American Graphic Design Award


When you have a complex idea that needs to be simplified so it’s easily understood, nothing beats an infographic. Because visuals get more attention, this is a great way to encourage people to share your content, too.

IES Infographic
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IES is a green energy company serving Alaska (and soon, the world). They sent me a hard-to-understand sketch, but one phone call with the marketing director clarified what they were after. She enthusiastically told me the story of how IES is doing something truly innovative.

I immediately felt the excitement of “Everybody should know and understand this!” and set about to take something super complex and simplify it in order to tell this amazing story graphically. 

I took their rough sketch and elaborated the concept. I wanted to tell a larger story than just “what they do”, but convey how their technology will make a huge impact on the lives of people living in remote Alaskan villages, where energy bills are notoriously outrageous.

Reading left to right like a timeline, and black and white transitioning to full technicolor (like in The Wizard of Oz)I first I depicted the dark, dirty, expensive “old” energy of the past, then transitioned to the current service IES provides (the “how it works” to collect and distribute clean energy), and finally to the futurewhere their service can potentially make a huge impact on not just energy costs, but village waste management, healthcare and even agriculture. This graphic will be used in conjunction with pitch presentations, where they can elaborate on the details and specifics.

It sometimes starts with a client’s rough sketches…

A wonderful transformation with a little help from my favorite illustrator, the fabulous Hina of Sithdesigns.

Social Media Campaigns

If you have a landing page that you want to drive traffic to, having a cohesive graphic campaign will help you get noticed a clear message carried through from email banners to social sharing graphics and banner ads.

Resume Design

I can help you create a personal brand look and help you organize and edit your resumé content so it’s easy to understand. It isn’t about decorating your resumé, it’s about making it easy to understand who you are and what makes you unique in a 5-second skim of the page.

Resume design for life coach

Let’s create something lovely for you, too!