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Client: Alison Arians, blogger


About this project: Custom blog design using Expression Engine CMS

“Where do I even start explaining how fantastic my experience has been, working with Taughnee on my blog? At the design stage, Taughnee was a wonderful listener—and in fact, the design is based on a page in one of my scrapbooks. It’s such an incredibly empowering experience, as a fairly non-technical person, to be able to make my blog work—and work WELL, without headaches, frustrations, and anxiety. I can spend time on the fun stuff—the writing, photography, and recipe development, and the techie stuff hardly takes any time at all!

I can’t recommend Taughnee highly enough. Working with her has been an incredibly valuable experience, not just because of the fantastic, functional, and beautiful blog she’s created for and WITH me, but also because it’s been so darn FUN. Taughnee took my vision, my dream, and my excitement, and created a warm, wonderful online home for my creativity beyond anything I could have invented on my own. Now, I just enjoy filling my little space with stories, recipes, and photographs.”

Alison Arians

Blogger, Alison's Lunch

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