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The Client Attraction Hack

A funny thing happens when you align that thing your dream clients really need with that magical thing you do in the way only you can do it…

They become drawn to you like a magnet.   

Only it’s hard to figure out “what that is” and how to describe it on your own — we get stuck in our own heads and play it safe.

The Client Attraction Hack is designed to get you quickly out of  “just winging it mode” so you know exactly what to say, do, and focus on in order to attract the right clients to you.

We’ll get into all the dark corners, nooks, and crannies of your business to give you both a big-picture strategy and the most crucial tactics to take immediate action on (which I call “Client Attraction Hacks”). 

The process takes about a week and includes:

👉 A gnarly, soul-searching homework assignment fine-tuned over the course of 15+ years helping hundreds of entrepreneurs 
👉 A Brand Audita review of your current situation & marketing assets
👉 A Deep-Dive Interview: 1-1.5 hour via video conference
👉 The Client Attraction Hack: a personalized 20+ page document with specific “hacks” in several key areas
👉Follow-Up Clarity Session: To make sure you’ve got this  

*The cost of your Client Attraction Hack will be deducted from The Client Attraction Foundation creative services package if you’d like to continue working with me to execute your rebrand. 

Not sure if The Client Attraction Hack is right for you?
Let’s do a quick 15-minute chat and we’ll figure it out together.


I don't see a STEP #2, what happens next?
After you receive your Client Attraction Hack, you’ll have a few options:

  1. I can provide you with guidance for implementation
    (We’ll discuss any questions you have in the follow-up session and I’ll give you recommendations, I won’t just leave you hangin’!)
  2. We can go even deeper with my Client Attraction Playbook service
    (4+ weeks of brand coaching, strategy & consulting PLUS actionable playbook)
  3. I can create the building blocks of your brand for you
    (Messaging framework, visual identity, and branding guidelines, website and other branding assets)

I’ll have the details available on my website soon, but in the meantime, if you want to know more about my coaching or creative services, you can contact me and I’ll send that over to you.

Can't I just hire you to design something for me?
Unless you’re an existing client, unfortunately, no. I no longer offer a-la-carte design services.

In other words, if you want me to be your brand designer, we must start with strategy.

However, the cost of your Client Attraction Hack ($597) will be deducted from any creative services package going forward.

If you still have questions, you can always contact me and we can do a 15-minute complimentary chat.

How long does this take?
The Client Attraction Hack is designed to go deep but be delivered quickly. Once I receive your homework assignment, I’ll need a couple of days to prepare for our interview. After our interview, I’ll need a couple more to create your personalized Client Attraction Hack document.

The process will take no more than two weeks.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Not on services I don’t, sorry.

My terms of service for The Client Attraction Hack is as follows:



In short: You don’t share my process and I don’t share your confidential business.

The Client Attraction Hack Homework and The Client Attraction Hack (final document deliverable) are the intellectual properties of Endeavor Creative. No part of these documents may be reproduced or redistributed for any reason or by any means without express written authorization from Endeavor Creative.

The information you provide in your Client Attraction Hack Homework is confidential and will not be published or redistributed without your prior written consent.

I reserve the right to use the successful results of our completed work together for my portfolio, to create a case study, and to use in blog and other self-promotional anecdotes and activities.


In short: I can issue a partial refund before we get too far into the process, but once I begin spending time diagnosing and solving problems on behalf of your business, I keep all of your money and you get nothin’ if you cancel.

Once you receive your homework (Step 2)which is part of a proprietary process I’ve developedI will no longer be able to issue you a full refund if you change your mind.

If you wish to cancel before Step 3 (before I conduct your Brand Audit), I’ll refund the full amount minus a $100 cancellation fee.

If you wish to cancel before Step 4 (after I conduct your Brand Audit and before the Client Attraction Hack interview), please allow 48 hours cancellation notice before your interview is scheduled and I’ll refund 50% of the full amount. (Please keep in mind there will be no deliverable.)

Once we get to Step 4 and beyond, there will be no refunds.

If you need to reschedule your interview, please allow 48 hours notice.


In short: You respect my time and I respect yours.

This project is designed to be completed in a timely manner with a fixed schedule we agree to in advance (typically within a timeframe of no more than 2 weeks).


In short: There are no guarantees in the art of branding, but I’m going to do my very best for you.
I use my knowledge and expertise to the best of my abilities, but this is a creative service and as such, I make no guarantees of any specific result.




I had worked with a number of SEO & marketing specialists before, and all of them would focus on traffic and keywords and placement ads, but never seemed to get it – the concept, the ethos of what my business was about. To them, it seemed to be all about inflating analytics figures.

The very first time I spoke to Taughnee, she got it, instantly. She understood exactly what my business was about and what I was going for – and that alone was a huge relief. Then, after the initial review of my website, I realized just how much Taughnee got itJust getting more user’s eyeballs onto the website was worthless if my website wasn’t clear.

Taughnee’s recommendations were clear, concise, straightforward to implement, and made everything make sense. I couldn’t recommend Taughnee’s services highly enough. Lawrie Malen


I would highly recommend the Client Attraction Playbook for any service-led small business that is just starting out on their own. The process and the exercises I went through with Taughnee gave me the necessary guidance, clarity and the confidence that I’m heading in the right direction with my client attraction efforts. Taughnee is also the friendliest and the nicest person to work with, definitely will work with her again in the future!

Marta DenkiewiczResearcher & UX Designer

With Taughnee there is no cookie-cutter approach, she takes the time to know and understand your business and creates an engaging web experience and marketing program tailored to your specific niche or industry.

Amy Young
Marketing Strategist, Zen Cloud Consulting

Taughnee’s work on my blog has been stellar. the results speak for themselves: I’m first in organic search and I regularly receive fan mail about the design. She is the best — and the only — blog designer I recommend to others.

Katya Andresen
Marketing Thought Leader & Executive

A la carte services

Logo Design
Each logo design is completely custom. Included are three rounds of refinements to your chosen concept.

3 initial concepts: $1,250

Additional concepts $250/each 

Business Card Design
3 beautiful options to choose from and revisions as necessary + coordination with your printer of choice.

Cost: $250

Branded Social Media Graphics
Social Media Profile Cover Graphics:

Pinterest & Featured Blog Post Image Style Guide 

Get noticed on social media with graphics that stand out from the crowd!

Included: The design concept + 3 rounds of revisions, a style guide, and a personalized training video so you know how to create them going forward in either Photoshop or Canva.


Branded Content
Good design can elevate the perception of value and establish instant credibility… then you can knock ’em dead with your smarts.

Ebooks, whitepapers, lead magnets and other digital downloads.
Anything that can be turned into a .pdf, basically. Includes cover design. Stock imagery is included, but if it’s not available with the service I subscribe to there may be additional fees for artwork.

1-30 pages $50/page (min 5 pages)
31+ pages: $40/page

Website Review
Do you suspect your website is letting you down in some big way that’s costing you opportunities to land clients? A redesign may not be necessary, sometimes minor changes can dramatically improve conversions.

Click here to find out more about how my website review service works.

Price: $397

I can’t recommend Endeavor Creative highly enough. Taughnee is a talented designer AND she is accommodating, communicative and deadline-oriented. Design doesn’t come in a better package!

Alia McKee
Principal Consultant, Sea Change Strategies

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I get it, it can be weird setting up a meeting with an internet stranger. While you mull it over, you can check out my book, The Client Attraction Mindset. You’ll get a pretty good sense of my philosophy and the ways I can help, and you’re sure to get some ‘aha!’ moments that’ll move you toward clarity, too.