99% of the battle
to get your dream customers’ attention is mINDSET.

No matter what’s holding you back, The Client Attraction Mindset is designed to help you get past stuck points so you can get out of learning mode, research mode, overwhelm mode, “just winging it” mode and into action mode.

You’ll do the challenging internal work most business owners skip over (and wonder why it’s not working out for them) to get the kind of clarity about your brand that’ll frame every marketing action you take from here on forward.

With clarity, overwhelm is replaced by excitementalways knowing exactly what you need to do to attract clients you love and build the vision-board version of your business.

One of the Delphic maxims on the temple of Apollo is “Know yourself.” In Taughnee’s Guide/WorkBook I found the echo: Only you can say-show-do it. But who is “you”? If, like me, you’re scared to get up close to this question, her Guide/WorkBook is for you. Taughnee warns us: “it’s going to get a bit ‘woo woo’ at times,” but I found it actually “WooHoo!” No cotton candy here—the homework is hard but laser-tracked to my needs and the tips are fresh and non-recipe-like. 

Each user of this guidebook will find their nugget—mine centered on “stuck in learning mode.” This guidebook is about action, and, using the homework, I’ve moved my piece forward on the board. As I worked through Taughnee’s book, stopping to sigh and walk around the room during the hard homework, I began to think of it as a trapdoor in my head and saw it opening out to the light of a longer client list! Then I went out and Did Something.

Kay Vreeland

Book Manager