99% of the battle to get
your dream customers’ attention is mindset.

The book was SO SO SO inspiring, captivating, actionable and motivating! 

I needed to identify that there are crazies like me and I want to work with them. It gave me such a refreshing viewpoint on my planning that it’s perfected some of the ways in which I will provide my services.

With what you’re discussing, you’re turning marketing on its head. You’re appealing to PEOPLE, humans….those sometimes hairy creatures who are looking for someone to connect them to, to take an interest in what they want to develop, their aspirations on beginning something that brings them a purpose in their existence.

Marcy Meiburg

Accounting Services

One of the Delphic maxims on the temple of Apollo is “Know yourself.” In Taughnee’s Guide/Workbook, I found the echo: Only you can say-show-do it.

But who is “you”?

If, like me, you’re scared to get up close to this question, her Guide/WorkBook is for you.

Taughnee warns us: “it’s going to get a bit ‘woo woo’ at times,” but I found it actually “WooHoo!”

No cotton candy here—the homework is hard but laser-tracked to my needs and the tips are fresh and non-recipe-like.

Each user of this guidebook will find their nugget—mine centered on “stuck in learning mode.” This guidebook is about action, and, using the homework, I’ve moved my piece forward on the board.

As I worked through Taughnee’s book, stopping to sigh and walk around the room during the hard homework, I began to think of it as a trapdoor in my head and saw it opening out to the light of a longer client list! Then I went out and Did Something.

Kay Vreeland

Book Manager

“How do I find clients online and attract them to my business?” is a question that stumps the brightest, most badass professionals. 

As entrepreneurs, we all fight mindset battles and any one of them can keep us stuck: 

✓ Confusion about who our ideal customer is and how to reach them online
✓ Indecision over what we should be focused on and how we should position ourselves 
✓ Overwhelm frustration, outright fearof success, failure, making a fool of ourselves, criticism and even money. 

The Client Attraction Mindset aims to help you change the way you THINK about client attraction so you can approach any marketing initiative with clarity. 

This .pdf download is one part guide and one part workbook with 11 chapters and 25+ exercises. When you’re through, you’ll know how to:  

✓ Show up with confidence in a way that’ll get your dream clients doing a double-take: “Hey, you’re exactly what I’ve been looking for!” 

✓ Create real value instead of more noise so you get the right people’s attention.

✓ Get more done to help you get visible than you think is possible right now. 

✓ Not only attract clients, but attract clients you LOVE.


You’re in the business of serving clients and you need to attract those clients online, such as: 

✓ Creative entrepreneurs

✓ Coaches

✓ Consultants

✓ Freelancers looking to establish location-independence


You’re not willing to roll up your sleeves and do the (often uncomfortable) internal work most business owners skip over when they make decisions about their brand. 

The Client Attraction Mindset Guide + Workbook is the inspiration (or kick in the pants) you need to brand bravely and attract clients you love.