Tools to help you build your brand and the dream business you deserve.

Tell the story they need to hear.
In The Brand Story Blueprint, we’re going to prepare your message for battle in order to capture the attention—and the hearts!—of your ideal clients. By the time you’re through, you’ll easily create the key brand messaging statements that’ll attract the right people to you to do the right work.


Brand Guide Template for Canva + Branding Toolkit

Need help planning and making decisions about your brand? Get the clarity and confidence you need to build a brand that gets recognised and remembered. You’ll get your biggest branding questions answered with a toolkit of branding guidance and an easy to use Brand Guide Template for Canva.


Never hunt for free fonts again!
I’ve scoured the depths of Google Fonts to find the most beautiful fonts to help you express your brand personalty!
PLUS two bonus swipe files for free-for-commercial-use fonts for biz & branding PLUS my Font Dupe Directory that includes high quality substitutes for high-ticket fonts..


Win More Clients With Your Website

Inside this self-paced course, you’ll learn how to:

✓ Use Google Analytics to understand your site visitors and work smarter rather than harder in your marketing efforts.

✓ Identify easily-fixable conversion killers that may be causing potential clients to click away before they get the chance to know, like, and trust you. 

✓ Create a better experience for your site visitors with proven conversion boosters based on research and best practices. 

PLUS: My custom Google Analytics dashboard & website optimization checklist Price: $49

Create a lineup of service offerings that attracts high-quality clients on autopilot

Inside this self-paced course, you’ll learn how to:

✓ Create a value ladder — a lineup of bullseye service offerings that meet your dream clients where they are in their decision-making process

✓ Up-level your services page and describe your offers in a way that positions you as something more special and valuable than your competition

✓ Monetize your sales cycle, productize your processes, and protect your most valuable business asset (your time) so you can scale — even if you’re a one-person business

✓ Stop trading hours for dollars & create value-based and passive offers instead

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Price: $297