Website Review


Are you doing your best to get people to your website but they just aren’t signing up?

If your client pipeline isn’t as full as you want it to be, it could be that your website is letting you down in some big way.

When I conduct a website review, I don’t just willy-nilly apply my opinions, hunches, and matters of personal taste. I use specific criteria based on research and best practices in the areas of:

✓ Website usability
✓ Consumer psychology
✓ Online marketing
✓ Graphic design
✓ Conversion optimization

You’ll get an informed hypothesis about the most important changes you need to make to help you convert more site visitors into customers.

How it works

👉I’ll review your website and analytics to identify the biggest opportunities for you to improve your customer conversions.
👉I’ll create a video walkthrough showing you the exact changes you need to make to get more clients in your pipeline.
👉I’ll summarize the main takeaways with annotated screen captures so you can refer to them as you’re implementing the changes. 
👉We’ll follow up with a 30-minute 1-1 call and go over the results and discuss HOW you’ll implement the changes if you have questions

Cost: $250

“Taughnee’s recommendations made everything make sense.”

“I had worked with a number of SEO & marketing specialists before, and all of them would focus on traffic and keywords and placement ads, but never seemed to get it – the concept, the ethos of what my business was about. To them, it seemed to be all about inflating analytics figures.

The very first time I spoke to Taughnee, she got it, instantly. She understood exactly what my business was about and what I was going for – and that alone was a huge relief. Then, after the initial review of my website, I realized just how much Taughnee got it. Just getting more user’s eyeballs onto the website was worthless if my website wasn’t clear. Taughnee’s recommendations were clear, concise, straightforward to implement, and made everything make sense. I couldn’t recommend Taughnee’s services highly enough.” Lawrie Malen

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